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=== Facebook ===
Contributors: Facebook, automattic, mattwkelly, niallkennedy, rgharpuray, ngfeldman, jamesgpearce, ravi.grover, danielbachhuber, gigawats, eosgood, Otto42, colmdoyle, zazinteractive
Tags: Facebook, comments, social, friends, like, like button, social plugins, facebook platform, page, posts, sidebar, plugin, open graph
Requires at least: 3.3
Tested up to: 3.5
License: GPLv2
License URI:
Stable tag: 1.1.7

Make your WordPress site social in a couple of clicks, powered by Facebook.

== Description ==

This WordPress plugin makes your site deeply social by integrating functionality from Facebook.

[Facebook Insights]( integration included to help you better understand your site audience with Facebook demographic and sharing data.

The Facebook plugin for WordPress is internationalization- and mobile-ready.

For more information, check out [the WordPress plugin page on the Facebook Developers site](

= Post Features =

Customize features through post settings.

* Post to an author's Facebook Timeline whenever a post is made public.
* Mention Facebook friends and pages. New posts will be published to the timelines of the mentioned account(s) and displayed alongside the post.
* [Like](, [send](, and [subscribe]( buttons can be easily added to a post to drive social distribution with custom settings scoped to your Facebook application identifier.
* [Facebook Comments Box]( social plugin including noscript fallbacks for easy indexing by search engines.
* [Open Graph protocol]( integration to help your content stand out in Facebook newsfeed, Twitter Cards, Windows 8 bookmarks, and other consuming agents.
* [Recommendations bar]( helps visitors discover more content on your site by recommending other articles and encouraging Like shares.

= Widgets =

Add new widgets to one or more sidebars.

* [Activity Feed Box]( displays recent sharing activity on your site customized for each visitor logged-on to Facebook.
* [Recommendations Box]( recommends content based on visitor interests and the sharing activity of his or her Facebook friends.
* [Like](, [send](, and [subscribe]( buttons encourage social engagement.

= Shortcodes =

Add a [Like Button]( or a [Send Button]( using a shortcode inside your post or evaluated from within your theme. You may override site-level options with shortcode attributes defined on the social plugin's page.

* `[facebook_like_button]`
* `[facebook_send_button]`

= Contributing code =

All of the [source code for this plugin is available on Facebook's GitHub account]( If you like to contribute code to the plugin, open up an issue against the repository where we can discuss it. Once you have completed the code, open [a Pull Request](

Note: all contributors must agree to and sign the [Facebook Contributor License Agreement]( prior to submitting Pull Requests. We can't accept Pull Requests until this document is signed and submitted, affirming your code is not encumbered by intellectual property claims by yourself or your employer and therefore eligible for redistribution by Facebook under the Freedoms of the GPL.

== Installation ==

1. Install Facebook for WordPress either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server (in the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory).
1. After activating the plugin, you will be asked to set up your Facebook app (via ), with step-by-step instructions.
1. That's it. You're ready to go!

== Screenshots ==

1. Facebook settings screen.
2. Boxes to mention Facebook friends and pages in a WordPress Post or Page.
3. Set the status update that will be published to Facebook, along with the WordPress Page or Post.
4. The resulting Post on Celebuzz.
5. The Post is published to the author's (Andy Scott) Timeline.
6. The Post is published on Duets Facebook Timeline, since it was mentioned in the Post.
7. The Post is published to the Celebuzz Facebook Page.
8. Widgets are also available.

== Custom actions & filters ==

= Actions =

* `facebook_notify_plugin_conflicts` - executes code to notify site administrators of possible conflicts with other plugins by iterating through a list of all installed plugins and highlighting known conflicts at the time the Facebook plugin for WordPress was released. Some publishers may wish to remove this check for efficiency.
* `facebook_settings_before_header_$hook_suffix` - add content to a settings page before the main page header section
* `facebook_settings_after_header_$hook_suffix` - add content to a settings page after the main page header section
* `facebook_settings_footer_$hook_suffix` - add content to a settings page below the wrapper div

= Filters =

* `facebook_features` - limit the plugin features available on your site
* `fb_conflicting_plugins` - add or remove plugin URLs used by the plugin to warn against potential conflicts
* `facebook_jssdk_init_options` - customize arguments sent to the [FB.init]( function of the Facebook JavaScript SDK
* `facebook_jssdk_init_extras` - add extra JavaScript to the `fbAsyncInit` JavaScript function called after the Facebook JavaScript SDK is loaded
* `facebook_content_filter_priority` - choose the priority of Facebook social plugin filters attached to `the_content` filter. Affects where Facebook content is output on your page relative to other plugins attached to `the_content`
* `fb_locale` - directly define your site locale based on the list of [Facebook locale mappings](
* `facebook_excerpt_length` - choose a custom length, in words, of a post excerpt generated for use in the Open Graph protocol description. default: 55
* `facebook_excerpt_more` - string appearing at the end of a truncated excerpt string. default: "…"
* `fb_rel_canonical` - customize the canonical URL used by Facebook for a post. Affects Open Graph protocol URL definitions, URL references sent in Open Graph actions, and more. default: result of `get_permalink()`
* `facebook_comment_schema_org` - override output of search engine friendly comments content using [ microdata markup](
* `facebook_comments_number_more` - override the default "% Comments" text used to generate a client-side comments number. similar to WordPress' [comments_number]( more parameter.
* `facebook_anchor_target` - customize the [browsing context name]( used for links to Facebook output alongside your post such as mentions. default: `_blank`
* `facebook_mentions_classes` - add or remove HTML classes from the parent HTML div element of mentions links
* `fb_meta_tags` - Customize Open Graph protocol markup before it is output to the page
* `facebook_ogp_prefixed` - true to always use prefixed properties (og:title) or false to use full IRI properties (
* `facebook_rdfa_mappings` - array of RDFa references with desired prefix. Used to remap Open Graph protocol properties from a full IRI to a prefix
* `fb_get_user_meta` - fetch a user meta value by attaching to this filter, bypassing the WordPress user meta API
* `fb_update_user_meta` - update a user meta value by attaching to this filter, bypassing the WordPress user meta API
* `fb_delete_user_meta` - delete a user meta value by attaching to this filter, bypassing the WordPress user meta API

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= How do I change the image that appears for my posts shared on Facebook =

The plugin generates [Open Graph protocol]( markup for your site's webpages including an explicitly-specified image for posts with an associated [post thumbnail]( Your plugin or theme may define additional images through the `fb_meta_tags` filter. If an post thumbnail image exists your additional image will be an alternate for stories shared through a pasted link. Unattended story summaries use the first defined image.

= How do I moderate comments and add reviewers? =

The [Comment Moderation Tool]( allows you to customize your Facebook application's moderators, blacklisted words, external logins, and more.

= Does Facebook Comments work with my existing WordPress comments? =

The [Comments Box social plugin]( is meant to replace the WordPress commenting system with a more social, client-side experience. We do not currently support synchronizing comments stored on Facebook with comments stored in your WordPress database.

== Upgrade Notice ==

= 1.1.7 =
Improved comment filters. Add post author as Comment Box admin/moderator. Hide settings error displayed if no output functions exist.

= 1.1.6 =
Debug page, og: prefixed Open Graph protocol properties, Shortcode API support for Like and Send buttons, comments improvements.

= 1.1.5 =
Fix comments enabled option improperly set on comments settings save when no post types selected.

= 1.1.4 =
Comments number filter available on all contexts when comments box enabled for one or more post types.

= 1.1.3 =
Fix recommendations bar issue and PHP issue affecting 5.2.4 - 5.2.8 installs.

= 1.1.2 =
Improved compatibility with PHP 5.2 installations. Recommendations Bar fix.

= 1.1 =
Custom post types and status support. Rewritten settings pages. Longer-lived Facebook access tokens. Async JavaScript loading. Threaded comment support.

= 1.0.2 =
Improve site performance when cURL not installed or SSL not available. Removed post meta boxes when social publishing features not enabled.

= 1.0.1 =
Security fixes. Improved customization and debugging of settings. l10n and i18n fixes.

== Changelog ==

= 1.1.7 =
* Comments Box - overrides of WordPress comment system applied at the post level, allowing more fine-grained control of comments by post type or mixed in a single loop
* Comments Box - declare post author with `moderate_comments` capability an admin of the individual page, granting comment moderation capabilities on Facebook for the post
* Hide settings error display if function is not yet defined

= 1.1.6 =
* [Open Graph protocol]( data output in prefixed form (e.g. og:title) instead of full IRI. You may declare your preference to always use a prefix in the future using the `facebook_ogp_prefixed` filter
* Debug page displays your plugin configuration, author accounts associated with a Facebook account, and server information for troubleshooting
* [Shortcode]( support for Like Button and Send Button output
* Comments Box may be disabled for a specific post when post comments are marked closed in WordPress and no comments are stored on Facebook
* Application id and secret are verified on Facebook servers, generating an app access token for future use
* Async JavaScript loader support for concatenated script loader configurations
* Fixed an issue with Comments Box color scheme preference never saving a "dark" preference value
* JavaScript files renamed to .js and .min.js to match WP Core 3.5 convention (see [Core #21633]( )
* Includes Facebook PHP SDK 3.2.1 and its new SSL certificate chain fallback

= 1.1.5 =
* Delete comments enabled option on plugin's settings comments page save when no comments selected.

= 1.1.4 =

* Comment counts powered by Facebook available in all page contexts when comments box social plugin enabled for one or more post types
* Subscribe button settings fix
* Recommendations Bar max age setting fix

= 1.1.3 =

* PHP issue affecting 5.2.4 - 5.2.8 installs
* Properly save number of articles setting for recommendations bar
* Add explicit Open Graph protocol URL for front page and home

= 1.1.2 =

* Improve PHP 5.2 compatibility
* Fix minimum number of seconds before recommendations bar shown
* properly reference widget ids for stats

= 1.1 =

* Supports public [custom post types]( and [custom post status](
* [Facebook JavaScript SDK]( loads asynchronously after pageload
* Settings page broken into multiple settings pages with [WordPress Settings API]( support
* Choose to display social plugins and mentions on your homepage, archive pages, or individual post types
* Comments markup appearing in noscript wrappers now include [ comment markup]( by default
* Added threaded comment support for noscript fallback markup
* Updated [Facebook PHP SDK]( to version 3.2
* New social plugins builder helps correct mistakes before they happen and only include markup on your pages capable of interpretation by the Facebook JavaScript SDK
* Mention links open in a new browsing context by default
* Post mentions are displayed inside their meta boxes after save
* Strings pass through translation functions, opening up future translation support
* Fixed mixed-content warnings thrown when Facebook images displayed on a page
* Uninstall script removes site and user options when the plugin is uninstalled through the WordPress administrative interface
* [Contextual help menus]( display helpful information alongside settings choices
* High-DPI icon support for administration menu

= 1.0.2 =

* Fixed issue where some sites were extremely slow as a result of installing the plugin (due to cURL not being installed).
* Added warning and actively disable portions of the plugin if SSL not installed.
* Fixed bug in social publishing.
* Added logic to disable meta boxes/publishing if social publishing is disabled.
* Fixed forever loading issue on FB settings page if no active user exists.
* Added proper escaping.
* Added global settings to set whether social plugins show on all posts, all pages, both, or neither. Done for like button, subscribe button, send button, comments, and recommendations bar.
* Added per-post/page settings for showing/hiding social plugins.
* Fixed poorly formatted description that was being set when publishing to friends' and Pages' feeds.
* Added notification if plugins that are potentially conflicting are installed.
* Added suggestions for what to enter in fields in the new user experience.
* Bug fixes to ensure everything works on mobile (including support for WPTouch).
* Bug fixes to Pages drop down on the Facebook settings page.
* Removed the need to create PHP sessions, relying on user meta/transients now.

= 1.0.1 =

* Comment count bug fix.
* Comments width bug fix.
* Like, send, subscribe: fixed incorrect hrefs for homepage buttons.
* Added like/send button to settings page (spread the word!).
* Changed minimum and maximum supported WP versions.
* Security fix in the admin control panel.
* Fixed issue with publishing a post/page if there isn't a thumbnail defined.
* Changed auto-completes to play nice with UTF-8.
* Moved extended access token function to Facebook_WP class.
* Added debug link on settings page that outputs debug information.
* Lots of i18n fixes.
* Added easier debugging of Facebook API errors.
* Added better logged in state detection in admin UI, depending on if the user has authenticated and given certain permissions.
* Fixed publishing a post if no friends or pages mentioned.
* Theme fixes to prevent like and mentions bar from showing up in the wrong place.
* Fixed configure link on plugins page.
* Fixes for bugs happening on 404 page.
* Bug fix for if a WP admin removes the app via
* Added status messages for what was/wasn't posted to Facebook as part of a Post/Page being taken live.
* Added functionality to disable publishing to a page if access token fails.
* Clearer error messages for certain scenarios (like inability to post to a friend of page's Timeline because of privacy settings.
* Fixed conflicts with Power Editor and extraneous text being added to og:description.  Thanks to Angelo Mandato ([support mention](

= 1.0 =

* Launch.
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