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Initial project setup. Includes basic directory structure and a naked style guide, with more to come (see TODO). I use it to help me out at the beginning of projects but feel free to fork, use and change.


Reading this article ( by Anna Debenham inspired me to think about putting one of these together. Seeing and using Paul Robert Lloyd's Barebones project ( encouraged me to finally put it together.


How to use the pattern primer

Requires node.js version 0.5.0+ You'll also need to install the connect node.js package. Do so by running:

npm install connect

Add your project's CSS files to the head of the source.html file. Add the script tags you wish to use for your project, in the order you require, to scripts.html. Place all your HTML extracts into the <root>/_patterns folder. Navigate to the root directory of Pattern-Primer-on-Node and run:

node pattern-primer.js

You can then navigate to http://localhost:8080/ to see the output.

Alternatively, if you want to generate a 'standalone' version of the primer output, then you can also run the program with the tofile arg as follows:

node pattern-primer.js --tofile