docker setup with an OData producer on top of MySQL
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OData producer on top of MySQL

OData producer built using these libraries:



  • docker needs to be installed.

Installation: docker build --rm -t mysqlodata .

Run the container in daemon mode: docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 443:443 [IMAGE ID]. The 80 and 443 ports that have been exposed from the container will be routed from the host to the container using the -p flag.

Interactive mode

When developing, it is usefull to connect to the containers shell:

# Start a container and connect to the shell (remove when stopped)
docker run -t -i --rm -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -v /mnt2:/volume mysqlodata /bin/bash

# Start the services
supervisord &> /tmp/out.txt &

# Check that all processes are up
ps -ef

Setup OData services

The OData services to be exposed needs to be defined. The MySQConnector generates this definitions from the database structure.

Start a docker container: docker run -t -i --rm mysqlodata /bin/bash

You need to use PHP version 5.3.x for the connector (5.3.28 is installed using phpbrew in the Dockerfile). Initialize PHP like this: . ~/.phpbrew/bashrc; phpbrew use 5.3.28

Generate EDMX-files: php MySQLConnector.php /db=[DB Name] /srvc=[Service Name] /u=[MySQL Username] /pw=[MySQL Password] [/p=[port of MySQL Server]] /h=[host name of MySQL server]

Generate all services: php MySQLConnector.php /srvc=[Service Name]

For the MySQL server in the container: cd /MySQLConnector; php MySQLConnector.php /db=gizur_com /srvc=gizur_com /u=admin /pw=mysql-server /h=localhost

Followed by: php MySQLConnector.php /srvc=gizur_com

Make the result available in the host: cp -r /MySQLConnector/ODataConnectorForMySQL/OutputFiles/gizur_com /volume/gizur_com. The generated files are now available at /mnt2.

Publish the service on the OData server: cp -r /MySQLConnector/ODataConnectorForMySQL/OutputFiles/gizur_com /OData_Producer_for_PHP/services

Test the service: curl http://localhost/gizur_com.svc

Start a docker container in daemon mode: docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -v /mnt2:/volume [IMAGE ID] /bin/bash

Test that things work

Here are some queries, just to get you started:

# List all entity types (tables)
curl http://localhost/gizur_com.svc/$metadata

# Get all rows in wp_options in json format
curl http://localhost:8080/gizur_com.svc/wp_options?$format=json

# Get the first entry in the table wp_options
curl http://localhost/gizur_com.svc/wp_options\(1\)\?\$format=json


The included MySQL server should not be used for production. Disable it by commenting out the [program:mysql] parts with # in supervisord.conf

MySQL credentials for external server should be passed as environment variables that are set when starting the container.

Here is an example: docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -e USERNAME="admin", PASSWORD="secret", HOSTNAME="hostname" base /bin/bash


  1. The frameworks only works with PHP 5.3.x. phpbrew is used to handle PHP versions.

  2. There are a few backslashed in some paths in the library. This don't work in Unix.

These are the files that needs to be fixed. Patched versions are store in src-fixed-odata

require_once 'ODataProducer\Writers\Metadata\MetadataBase.php';
require_once 'ODataProducer/Writers/Metadata/MetadataBase.php';

require_once 'ODataProducer\Providers\Metadata\ResourceTypeKind.php';
require_once 'ODataProducer/Providers/Metadata/ResourceTypeKind.php';

require_once 'ODataProducer\Providers\Metadata\ResourceType.php';
require_once 'ODataProducer/Providers/Metadata/ResourceType.php';

require_once 'ODataProducer\Providers\Metadata\IDataServiceMetadataProvider.php';
require_once 'ODataProducer/Providers/Metadata/IDataServiceMetadataProvider.php';

require_once 'ODataProducer\Providers\Stream\IDataServiceStreamProvider.php';
require_once 'ODataProducer/Providers/Stream/IDataServiceStreamProvider.php';