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Simple script to graph the Rakudo benchmarks
Perl6 Protocol Buffer
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Simple Perl 6 script for turning a benchmark output run into SVG graphs.

To use:

    perl6 bin/ [result-file]
result-file is a comma-separated file where each line has a Rakudo version,
a benchmark filename, and an average time.  (Extra values are ignored.)

    latest-rakudo,, 5.1236996
    rakudo-star-2010.07, iteration.p6, 1.709158
    rakudo-star-2010.07,, 3.1849216
    rakudo-star-2010.08, iteration.p6, 1.498886
small-results.txt is a sample results file included with this repository.

Rakudo versions are sorted by string name, except for latest-rakudo, which is
automagically the last one.  This will then result in SVG files for the graphs,
at the moment, one for each benchmark:


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