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This is an attempt to implement a BigInt class for Rakudo, to tide us over
until Rakudo's Int class can handle arbitrary precision internally.
Math::BigInt is set up as a normal Perl 6 module. However, it has rather more
prerequisites than normal:
1) You must have Zavolaj installed and working.
2) You must have the BigDigits routines installed as a dynamic libbd library
on your system. The BigDigits source is available from and build tools to make it libbd are
included in this library's build-BigDigit directory. Try:
cd build-BigDigit
curl -O
sudo make install
cd ..
Once all that is in place, this is easily built using the standard ufo tool:
make test
make install
As of this writing, neither BigDigits nor Math::BigInts properly handles
negative numbers. Hopefully this is a temporary limitation.