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Perl 6 program to add in music practice
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This repo contains two main scripts, together with some simple libraries that went into them.

spaced-tunes uses the same tune database and a much simpler (read no GUI) UI.  It runs well with current versions of Rakudo Perl 6.  It attempts to use a simple form of spaced repetition to aid with practicing.  You run it, and it gives you a random tune.  Each tune has a status which is used to weight how likely it to be chosen.  Each time you report that you know the tune, it becaomes only 1/2 as likely to be chosen the next time.  This makes it easy to focus on the tunes you need work on, while not forgetting the old ones. attempts to duplicate the basic functionality of Alan Ng's Practice Machine (at ):

The idea is to give the program a list of all the tunes you know, and then have it suggest tunes to practice.  You tell it when you've practiced each tune, and it records that info and uses it to help choose what tunes you should practice next.

Alan's setup was great, except that his only allows you to practice tunes in his database of tunes, and he is unwilling to add tunes which are not Irish Traditional Music.  Thus I've had to roll my own version of the Practice Machine functionality so that I can use it to track the Newfoundland tunes I know, and other strange tunes.

To create a UI, I've used the Niecza implementation of Perl 6 and GTK.  Right now I'm displaying ABC instead of proper music notation, and don't have as many information fields, but the program randomly selects tunes you haven't practiced recently and records when you practice them.

If you have Niecza installed and Mono with Gtk installed, invoking the program is simple:

    mono ~/tools/niecza/run/Niecza.exe -Ilib bin/

You can also run the (limited at this point) test suite:

    make test

Work needed:

1) General cleanup on the program.

2) Make the UI a bit prettier.

3) Script to report stats on practicing.

4) Script to scrape tunes from Alan Ng's database.
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