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spaced-tunes is a simple text UI tool with similar functionality to Alan Ng's
Practice Machine ( ).  The big advantage here is you can
establish your own list of tunes, instead of being limited to tunes in Alan's excellent database.  It runs well with current versions of Rakudo Perl 6 (updated 10/10/2015).  It attempts to use a simple form of spaced repetition to aid with practicing.  You run it, and it gives you a random tune.  Each tune has a status which is used to weight how likely it to be chosen.  Each time you report that you know the tune, it becaomes only 1/2 as likely to be chosen the next time.  This makes it easy to focus on the tunes you need work on, while not forgetting the old ones.

tunes-report accesses the tune database and your statuses, and generates a report, sorted from high status to low, so the ones you need to work on are at the bottom.

There is also an historic version of this program with GUI here ( but it only works with Niecza, which hasn't been actively maintained in years.