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#!/usr/bin/env perl6
use v6;
use Testing;
my $fh = IN(1,2,3);
COMM 'Fake line-by-line...';
OK $fh.get(), 1, :desc<Faking first line>;
OK $fh.get(), 2, :desc<Faking second line>;
OK $fh.get(), 3, :desc<Faking third line>;
OK $fh.get(), ! *.defined, :desc<Faking EOF>;
COMM 'Fake reading all lines...';
$fh = IN(1,2,3);
OK $fh.lines, [1,2,3], :desc<Faking lines()>;
COMM 'Fake slurping all lines...';
$fh = IN(1,2,3);
OK $fh.slurp, "1\n2\n3", :desc<Faking slurp()>;
COMM 'Fake some lines...';
$fh = IN(1,2,3);
OK $fh.lines(2), [1,2], :desc<Faking lines(2)>;
OK $fh.lines, [3], :desc<Faking lines>;
OK $fh.lines, [], :desc<Faking lines at EOF>;
COMM 'Fake bytewise reading...';
$fh = IN(1,2,3);
OK $fh.getc(), "1", :desc<Faking getc>;
OK $fh.getc(), "\n", :desc<Faking getc again>;
OK $, "2\n3", :desc<Faking read>;
OK $fh.getc(), ! *.defined, :desc<Should now hit EOF>;
OK $fh.eof, 1, :desc<Should be at EOF>;
COMM 'Fake EOF...';
$fh = IN(1,2,3);
OK $fh.eof(), 0, :desc<Not at EOF>;
OK $fh.eof(), 1, :desc<At EOF>;
$fh = IN('0123456789');
COMM 'Fake file tests...';
OK $fh ~~ :t, 0, :desc<Faking :t>;
OK $fh ~~ :r, 1, :desc<Faking :r>;
OK $fh ~~ :d, 0, :desc<Faking :d>;
OK $fh ~~ :e, 1, :desc<Faking :e>;
OK $fh ~~ :f, 1, :desc<Faking :f>;
OK $fh ~~ :s, 1, :desc<Faking :s (boolean)>;
OK $fh.s, 10, :desc<Faking :s (numeric)>;
OK $fh ~~ :l, 0, :desc<Faking :l>;
OK $fh ~~ :z, 0, :desc<Faking :z>;
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