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-Scripts and tests intended to demo the Set and Bag types of Perl 6
+Scripts and tests intended to demo the Set and Bag types of Perl 6.
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+my $bag = bag $*IN.slurp.comb(/\w+/).map(*.lc);
+for $bag.keys.sort({ $bag{$^b} <=> $bag{$^a} }) -> $word {
+ say "$word: { $bag{$word} }";
@@ -0,0 +1,59 @@
+JOSEPH was an old man,
+and an old man was he,
+When he wedded Mary,
+in the land of Galilee.
+Joseph and Mary walked
+through an orchard good,
+Where was cherries and berries,
+so red as any blood.
+Joseph and Mary walked
+through an orchard green,
+Where was berries and cherries,
+as thick as might be seen.
+O then bespoke Mary,
+so meek and so mild:
+‘Pluck me one cherry, Joseph,
+for I am with child.’
+O then bespoke Joseph,
+with words most unkind:
+‘Let him pluck thee a cherry
+that brought thee with child.’
+O then bespoke the babe,
+within his mother’s womb:
+‘Bow down then the tallest tree,
+for my mother to have some.’
+Then bowed down the highest tree
+unto his mother’s hand;
+Then she cried, See, Joseph,
+I have cherries at command.
+O then bespake Joseph:
+‘I have done Mary wrong;
+But cheer up, my dearest,
+and be not cast down.’
+Then Mary plucked a cherry,
+as red as the blood,
+Then Mary went home
+with her heavy load.
+Then Mary took her babe,
+and sat him on her knee,
+Saying, My dear son, tell me
+what this world will be.
+‘O I shall be as dead, mother,
+as the stones in the wall;
+O the stones in the streets, mother,
+shall mourn for me all.
+‘Upon Easter-day, mother,
+my uprising shall be;
+O the sun and the moon, mother,
+shall both rise with me.’
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