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Mtgox trade bot

To run

Create a file named with your key and secret inside:

key = 'XXX'
secret = 'XXXXXX'

Then, edit the user parameters in

target_price = 126.381 # USD/BTC
percent_change = 0.03 # percent change at which to do the opposite action
action = 'selling' # start with buying
amount = 1.00 # amount of BTC to play with

Run the script using "python". With the parameters above, it will wait until the ask price is 126.381 and then put in a sell order for 1.00 BTC at 126.381 USD/BTC. Next it will adjust the target price so that it is 97% of 126.381 and switch to "buying" mode. It then waits 60 seconds and repeats.


  • add exception handling to mtgox requests
  • consolidate buy/sell code?
  • check to see if previous order fulfilled
  • use floating orders?
  • add trend checking?
  • convert to Python3?