A metalsmith plugin based on Giacomo Martino's uncss
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Metalsmith UnCSS

A metalsmith plugin based on Giacomo Martino's uncss


  1. Install the package with npm
npm install --save metalsmith-uncss
  1. Include metalsmith-uncss in your Metalsmith project dependencies
var uncss = require('metalsmith-uncss');


Add uncss to your Metalsmith pipeline

var Metalsmith = require('metalsmith');
var uncss = require('metalsmith-uncss');

		css: ['bootstrap.css','app.css'],	// CSS files to run through UnCSS
		html: ['index.html','test.html'],	// HTML files to test the CSS files against
		output: 'uncss-output.css',			// output CSS filename
		basepath: 'styles',					// optional base path where all your css files are stored
		removeOriginal: true,				// remove original CSS files from the build
		uncss: {							// uncss options - passed directly to UnCSS
			ignore: ['.added-at-runtime','#do-not-remove']



String | Array required

A string or array of CSS files to check against the input HTML files. Files will be concatenated by UnCSS in the order that they are supplied.

This is a required option

UnCSS usually works by detecting CSS files linked in the header of the supplied HTML files. However, because at this stage of the process the CSS files only exist as part of Metalsmith's build pipeline, UnCSS won't be able to find them. To get around this, it's necessary to override the default behaviour and manually pass the file contents through to UnCSS as the raw option.


String | Array optional

The HTML files that UnCSS will check CSS files against. If not specified, this defaults to every HTML file currently in the project build pipeline. These are passed to UnCSS as the files argument.


String required

The name of the output file.


String optional

Optional base path that will be prepended to all css files (i.e. those supplied by css and output options).

For example:

// Without basepath
	css: ['styles/bootstrap.css','styles/app.css'],
	output: 'styles/uncss-output.css'

// With basepath
	css: ['bootstrap.css','app.css'],
	output: 'uncss-output.css',
	basepath: 'styles'


Boolean optional

Remove the original CSS files (i.e. those supplied by css) from the build pipeline. Defaults to true.


Object optional

Object of options to pass to UnCSS as the options argument. Supports all options except for raw, which metalsmith-uncss uses to feed in css files from its css option (see above).