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How do I get an account in the lab?

  • You can visit our account request form on google forms by clicking HERE
  • A lab assistant or admin should be able to create your account and respond to you within 48 hours give/take. (If it takes longer than a couple days, we apologize in advance. It's most likely because something is broken and we need to fix it before we can make new accounts)
  • Fill out this information, preferably with your student email so that we can verify you are a student. Sometimes we can make an exception for specific projects and grant access to users for specific groups.
  • All you need to do is fill out as much identifying information that you can.
  • We have a text box to describe your reasons to access the lab. Describe your project or if you just want to run a couple VMs, that's fine too. Just let us know!
  • To make sure we keep clutter to a minimum in the user directory, also give us a general idea of how long you need access to the lab. You can set this to your graduation date or the end of a semester class your project was in.

How do I login (after creating an account)

  • We usually set you up with a temporary password that we emailed to your main email.
  • You will need to change your password before you are able to login anywhere in the lab, so go HERE to change your password (minimum 7 characters)
  • Best place to visit first is our main site:
  • You can login to the vSphere client here:

Can I VPN into the CS Lab?

  • Yes you can!
  • Go to and you'll see the "VPN Configs" menu on the navbar. Download the package appropriate for your operating system and install necessary software.
  • Windows configs will be a full installer. It includes the OpenVPN GUI program aswell as the configuration files. Open your start menu and search for OpenVPN GUI to start using it.

vSphere/vCenter is so SLOW! / I can't Login!

How do I create a VM?

  • We will soon have a full write up on this. When you are in the vCenter view, look to the left navigation pane and select the second tab to take you to the VM folder view. Expand the tree until you see the students folder, and expand further to find the folder with your username on it.
  • Right click your user folder and go to "New" and there should be an option to create a VM. There are many options to flip through, but it should be able to walk you through creating a new VM.
  • You will also have to select a compute resource, and you will need to expand the tree to find the users/ resource pool. Select this and you will be able to continue.

How many GB of ram can i use? CPU?

  • When you use your user resource pool, by default we have it set to a max of 8GB across all VM's in that resource pool.
  • CPU usage is split up in to shares measured by "GHz" or "MHz". It's really just a proportion of available CPU time on the servers, and we have it set to a maximum of 20Ghz out of our current total of 38Ghz. This is just to prevent any singular VM from pegging the CPU usage thus causing lockouts and computational gridlock.
  • If you require more CPU time or RAM, contact a lab assistant to increase your quota.
  • Note: We may refuse resource increases later in a semester if too many resources are already being used. You can consult the graphs page at to see if we are at (or close to) capacity. (this graphs web page also flashes by on the CSTV in front of WS118 and WS120)
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