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+Version: 1.3.2
+A wrapper to colorize the output from compilers whose messages
+match the "gcc" format.
+Requires the ANSIColor module from CPAN.
+In a directory that occurs in your PATH _before_ the directory
+where the compiler lives, create a softlink to colorgcc for
+each compiler you want to colorize:
+ g++ -> colorgcc
+ gcc -> colorgcc
+ cc -> colorgcc
+ etc.
+That's it. When "g++" is invoked, colorgcc is run instead.
+colorgcc looks at the program name to figure out which compiler to run.
+The default settings can be overridden with ~/.colorgccrc.
+See the comments in the sample .colorgccrc for more information.
+colorgcc will only emit color codes if:
+ (1) Its STDOUT is a tty and
+ (2) the value of $TERM is not listed in the "nocolor" option.
+If colorgcc colorizes the output, the compiler's STDERR will be
+combined with STDOUT. Otherwise, colorgcc just passes the output from
+the compiler through without modification.
+Author: Jamie Moyers <>
+Started: April 20, 1999
+Licence: GNU Public License

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