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jsxml is an XML library for javascript and node
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jsxml is an XML library for javascript (and node)


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Install by NPM

npm install node-jsxml

How to use?

After add this library to your project, there will be a global object named jsxml.

in HTML file, import using <script> elements.

<script src="jsxml.js"></script>

in Node, import using require function.

var jsxml = require("node-jsxml");

support AMD, CMD. Big thanks to TimSchlechter.

    alias: {
        jsxml: '../src/jsxml.js'
seajs.use('jsxml', function(jsxml){
var Namespace = jsxml.Namespace,
    QName = jsxml.QName,
    XML = jsxml.XML,
    XMLList = jsxml.XMLList;

Here you go:

var xml = new XML("<spring>" + 
             "<list id='data'>" + 
               "<element value='jsxml'/>" +
               "<element value='is'/>" +
               "<element value='an'/>" +
               "<element value='xml'/>" +
               "<element value='parser'/>" +
             "</list>" +

//find child nodes
var child = xml.child('list');

//print the xml string

//modify namespace
xml.addNamespace(new Namespace("ns", ""));
xml.children().addNamespace(new Namespace("prefix", "uri"));

//find descendants nodes
var descendants = xml.descendants('element');

//get all children
var children = xml.children();
var children = xml.child('*');

//get text node
var text = xml.text();

//get element node
var elements = xml.elements();

//get comment node
var comments = xml.comments();

//get attribute
var attribute = xml.attribute("id");

//get all attributes
var attributes = xml.attributes();

All methods above return an XML object or XMLList object, if you want to get the String type content, you should:

var xml = new XML(xmlContent);

var attrValue = xml.attribute('attrName').toString();
var attrValue = xml.attribute('attrName').getValue();

var childA = xml.child('a').toString();
var childA = xml.child('a').getValue();

If you want to modify the value, you should call method setValue:

var xml = new XML("your xml string");

var attr= xml.attribute('attrName');

var childA = xml.child('a');

You can regenerate the XML Content

var str = xml.toXMLString();

While dealing with a list of childs in XML tree, you should use XMLList API:

var list = xml.child("item");
list.each(function(item, index){
    //item is an XML

Advanced topics

You can also add, retrieve or remove namespaces:

var xml = new XML("your xml string");
var ns = xml.namespace("prefix");

var nsNew = new Namespace("prefix", 'uri');

Bugs & Feedback

Please feel free report bugs or feature requests. You can send me private message on [github], or send me an email to: []


jsxml is free to use under MIT license.

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