Pure CSS icons for popular file extensions
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CSS file icons

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Pure CSS file icons for popular extensions


CSS file icons



Include css-file-icons.css to html or install via npm

npm i css-file-icons --save

include css file css-file-icons.css from folder build


<div class="fi fi-doc">
    <div class="fi-content">doc</div>

File extensions

Icons for files doc, docx, log, txt, wps, csv, dat, ppt, xml, mp3, wav, avi, mov, mp4, 3ds, max, gif, ai, svg, pdf, xls, xlsx, sql, exe, js, html, xhtml, css, asp, ttf, dll, 7z, zip, c, cs, java, swift, torrent, php, hh, go, py, rss, rb.

// where *extension* = file extension.
// example: .fi.fi-doc


.fi.fi-size-sm // default

SCSS Mixins

New icon color

@mixin fi-color($class, $color, $text_color:$file_icon_text_color)

Icon size

@mixin fi-size($class, $width, $height, $arrow_h, $font_size)


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

Browsers support

CSS file icons supports all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Exploer >= 9)

Wordpress version

CSS File Icons WP


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