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Colour - Demosaicing

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A Python package implementing various CFA (Colour Filter Array) demosaicing algorithms and related utilities.

It is open source and freely available under the New BSD License terms.

1   Features

The following CFA (Colour Filter Array) demosaicing algorithms are implemented:

  • Bilinear
  • Malvar (2004)
  • DDFAPD - Menon (2007)

1.1   Examples

Various usage examples are available from the examples directory.

2   User Guide

2.1   Installation

Because of their size, the resources dependencies needed to run the various examples and unit tests are not provided within the Pypi package. They are separately available as Git Submodules when cloning the repository.

2.1.1   Primary Dependencies

Colour - Demosaicing requires various dependencies in order to run:

2.1.2   Pypi

Once the dependencies are satisfied, Colour - Demosaicing can be installed from the Python Package Index by issuing this command in a shell:

pip install --user colour-demosaicing

The overall development dependencies are installed as follows:

pip install --user 'colour-demosaicing[development]'

2.2   Contributing

If you would like to contribute to Colour - Demosaicing, please refer to the following Contributing guide for Colour.

2.3   Bibliography

The bibliography is available in the repository in BibTeX format.

3   API Reference

The main technical reference for Colour - Demosaicing is the API Reference.

4   Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct, adapted from the Contributor Covenant 1.4, is available on the Code of Conduct page.

5   Contact & Social

The Colour Developers can be reached via different means:

6   About

Colour - Demosaicing by Colour Developers
Copyright 2015 Colour Developers –
This software is released under terms of New BSD License: