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This is the code for the website and experiment.


A local instance of the app can be launched using Docker Compose:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d postgres
docker-compose run --rm web initdb
docker-compose run --rm web import-centroids /path/to/dataset_en.csv English en
docker-compose run --rm web import-targets /path/to/targets.csv
docker-compose up web

Under Linux the app can now be accessed at localhost:5000. If you're using docker-machine (e.g. on OS X) then run docker-machine ip to get the machine IP address and browse to port 5000 on that address.

The database can be reinitialized by running:

docker-compose run --rm web dropdb
docker-compose run --rm web initdb

Additional dataset can be added by running e.g.:

docker-compose run --rm web import-centroids /path/to/dataset_fr.csv Francais fr

Colour targets can be added by running e.g.:

docker-compose run --rm web import-targets /path/to/targets.csv

To stop the test instance run:

docker-compose down

Front-end development

The recommended way to install the Javascript development dependencies is using yarn <>. Once yarn is installed run:


This will install webpack and the additional tools required to prepare the Javascript for production use. Changes to the front-end code should be made to the files in the assets/js directory. To build the production Javascript run yarn build.


To extract strings run:

pybabel extract -F babel.cfg -k lazy_gettext -o messages.pot .

To add a new language, from the project root run:

pybabel init -i messages.pot -d colournaming/translations -l [language code]

This will create a new messages file at colournaming/translations/[language code]/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po to complete.

When a message file is completed or updated the messages must be compiled:

pybabel compile -d colournaming/translations

To include new strings in the translation files run:

pybabel update -i messages.pot -d colournaming/translations

See the Flask-Babel website for more information on adding translations. Check the pages in colournaming/templates for an example of how to use translated text.

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