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This is the code for the website and experiment.


A local instance of the app can be launched using Docker Compose:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d postgres
docker-compose run --rm web initdb
docker-compose run --rm web import-centroids /path/to/dataset_en.csv English en
docker-compose run --rm web import-col-targets /path/to/targets.csv
docker-compose up web

Under Linux the app can now be accessed at localhost:5000. If you're using docker-machine (e.g. on OS X) then run docker-machine ip to get the machine IP address and browse to port 5000 on that address.

The database can be reinitialized by running:

docker-compose run --rm web dropdb
docker-compose run --rm web initdb

Colour targets can be added by running e.g.:

docker-compose run --rm web import-targets /path/to/targets.csv

To stop the test instance run:

docker-compose down

Adding datasets

To add a new language to the colournamer you need a CSV containing the centroids of each colour term and set of .wav files containing the spoken name of each colour. An example of the centroids CSV can be found in the docs directory. The audio files should be placed into a new subdirectory of assets/audio e.g. assets/audio/en for English (the country code must be two characters). Add a new rule to the Makefile following the existing ones tehn run make. Running make should create a directory of .mp3 files in colournaming/static/audio.

Next add the centroids to the database:

docker-compose run --rm web import-centroids /path/to/dataset_fr.csv Francais fr

Front-end development

The recommended way to install the Javascript development dependencies is using npm. Once npm is installed run:

npm install

This will install the additional tools required to prepare the Javascript and CSS for production use. Changes to the front-end files should be made to the files in the assets/js and assets/css directory. To build the production front-end assets run make js and make css.


To extract strings run:

pybabel extract -F babel.cfg -k lazy_gettext -o messages.pot .

To add a new language, from the project root run:

pybabel init -i messages.pot -d colournaming/translations -l [language code]

This will create a new messages file at colournaming/translations/[language code]/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po to complete.

When a message file is completed or updated the messages must be compiled:

pybabel compile -d colournaming/translations

To include new strings in the translation files run:

pybabel update -i messages.pot -d colournaming/translations

See the Flask-Babel website for more information on adding translations. Check the pages in colournaming/templates for an example of how to use translated text.