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A Space-ssembly 2D game, written in Rust
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This is pretty janky. I haven't really worked on this in years, and I've learned a ton since. It's essentially a tech demo/prototype.

Glium, the core GL wrapper lib this used has been discontinued, and this code has MAJOR performance issues. This project may be rebuilt in some other language at some time in the future, but this particular codebase is dead.

Terminal Test

Building Zala

To build the project, one needs to have an up-to-date version of rustc and cargo, and run cargo run in the top, project directory.

To build a release version, cargo run --release

CPU Spec

The Zala Computer Processing Unit (ZPU) is a 32 bit, RISC-like cpu, with a simple assembly language. The ZPU keeps your ship running in top shape, keeping up with even the largest demands in the midst of combat.

Ship Hardware Interface

The ZPU regularly polls for interrupts, and interacts with hardware using both ports, and MMIO.

Hardware draws a base level of power when plugged in, and power use grows dynamically with hardware use, (Ex: engine running at full thrust draws significantly more power than at low) forcing the pilot to make choices about the devices plugged in, deciding upon the devices needed most during a given situation. (Ex: During a fight, the pilot may choose to turn lights off to make the ship harder to find, or turn on the radar shield to make the ship invisible to other ships that might auto-probe.)

Hardware to be Implemented:

  • Lights
  • Generator
  • Battery
  • Engine
  • Weapons
  • Radar
  • Radar Shield
  • Cloak
  • Shield
  • Life Support
  • Hull Breach Detector
  • Doors
  • Turret


Interface Views

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