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CS Relief Map Tile Image Generator

An one stop tile image generator of CS Relief Map written in Python, integrated with Luigi and numpy.

What is CS Relief Map (CS立体図) ?

The "CS Relief Map" (CS立体図) is a terrain visualization method with high visibility of Curvature and Slope. This was proposed by Nagano prefecture forest center (長野県林業総合センター).

This implementation is based on these articles.


sudo pip install -r requirements.txt


generate by coordinate

# around Tokachi
python CSReliefMap.py GenerateImageByBounds --west 142.74810791015625 --north 43.25320494908846 --south 42.21224516288584 --east 143.72589111328125 --zoom 14 --workers 4 --local-scheduler

# around Tokyo
python CSReliefMap.py GenerateImageByBounds --west 139.559326171875 --north 35.77994251888403 --south 35.36217605914681 --east 140.2569580078125 --zoom 15 --workers 4 --local-scheduler

# generate each tile (curvature only)
python CSReliefMap.py GenerateImageCurvature --x 29139 --y 12936 --z 15 --local-scheduler

# generate each tile (slope only)
python CSReliefMap.py GenerateImageSlope --x 29139 --y 12936 --z 15 --local-scheduler

# generate each tile
python CSReliefMap.py GenerateImageCSReliefMap --x 29139 --y 12936 --z 15 --local-scheduler
Resizing large image to small image (experimental)
# single tile
python CSReliefMap.py resizeTileImage --x 3641 --y 1616 --z 12 --sourceZ 14 --sourceTask generateImageCSReliefMap --workers 4 --local-scheduler 

# around Tokyo
python CSReliefMap.py GenerateResizedImageByBounds --west 139.559326171875 --north 35.77994251888403 --south 35.36217605914681 --east 140.2569580078125 --zoom 10 --workers 4 --local-scheduler

Utility for coordinate picking

generate by japanese level-1 mesh(1次メッシュ)

python CSReliefMap.py GenerateImageByMeshCodes --meshcodes "[6341,6342]" --zoom 14 --workers 4 --local-scheduler

# resized tile map based on zoom 14 (experimental)
python CSReliefMap.py GenerateImageByMeshCodes --targetTask generateResizedImageByBounds --meshcodes "[6341,6342]" --zoom 10 --workers 4 --local-scheduler

generated result

Generated results are available at CS Relief Map Web Viewer.



MIT License
Copyright (c) 2017 Kunihiko Miyoshi

Generated tile images

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

この地図の作成にあたっては、国土地理院長の承認を得て、同院発行の基盤地図情報を使用した。(承認番号 平29情使、 第392号)

Elevation data source

Currently the data downloader is available for Japan only. But this project is easily extendable for any regions, any countries.