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@@ -2,6 +2,8 @@ h1. ActiveRecord Skeleton
A basic skeleton for ActiveRecord-backed Ruby apps
h2. Features
* YAML database config
@@ -13,15 +15,14 @@ h2. Features
h2. Setup
-# Get "tarball":
-# Extract tarball to desired folder
+# Get and extract "tarball": or git clone this repository
# Copy config/database.sample.yml to config/database.yml
# Create a migration with <code>rake generate:migration NAME=create_users</code> and add your code in <code>db/migrate/001_create_users.rb</code>
# <code>rake migrate</code> (if you stick to the default SQLite setup, the database for the current environment will be automatically created upon migration)
# Create a model in lib/user.rb: <code>class User < ActiveRecord::Base; end;</code>
# Add application code in project root directory and <code>require 'init'</code> in it
-h2. Usage with "Sinatra":
+h2. Example for usage with "Sinatra":
In your application file (say <code>app.rb</code> sitting in the project root), simply add <code>require 'init'</code> <b>after</b> <code>require 'sinatra'</code>.

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