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Updated notes on Spork as folks obviously sorted it out.

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@@ -117,13 +117,12 @@ to use SimpleCov with them. Here's an overview of the known ones:
- SimpleCov currently does not correctly cope with the way Spork (and similar forking testing tools)
- works. With the right configuration this might be resolvable.
- To make sure your coverage is reported correctly you probably should fall back to running your test suite
- without spork when you want a coverage report.
+ Because of the how Spork works internally (using preforking) there used to be trouble when using SimpleCov
+ with it, but that apparently has been resolved with a specific configuration strategy. See
+ <a href="">this</a> comment.
- <a href="">SimpleCov #42</a>
+ <a href="">SimpleCov #42</a>

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