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Is there anyway to make simplecov work with spork? I can only seem to get test coverage results when I don't have spork running...


Works fine for me.

gem 'simplecov', '>= 0.4.2', :require => false, :group => :test
Spork.each_run do
# This code will be run each time you run your specs.
require 'simplecov'
SimpleCov.start 'rails'
# ...


So it does. My bad.

@neezer neezer closed this Apr 4, 2011

I get "0 / 0 LOC (0.0%) covered." with that method, dre3k. Any idea why that would happen? I'll dig in when I have a chance, but any leads would help. Do you not get that 0/0 LOC covered, neezer?


@masonicboom - nope, I get normal coverage reports (no error) using what dre3k had written.


@masonicboom: Did you ever figure out the 0/0 LOC issue? I'm getting this as well. Thanks.


@masonicboom: Also getting this issue with 0/0 LOC


Solved: The issue for me was that I had cache-classes enabled in my testing environment config. This means simplecov can't inspect loads of files, since they're all done in the application.initialize! call.


I can't remember if I ever solved this for myself; might've just run simplecov w/o spork until i got close enough to 100%, then stopped using it


@esteth: Hmm.. tried that and no dice. @masonicboom: Yeah, it's not a huge deal to have Spork automatically run Simplecov. Think I'll file it under "would be nice" and just run it manually, in the interest of time.


I'm having a similar issue, no data generated, without using spork, and setting config.cache_classes to false made it generate some data.


Same issue, 0 / 0 LOC (0.0%) covered, cache classes is set to false


Per @Esteth's reply, I changed the cache classes line to false in /config/test.rb and simplecov started working


@kevindavis 's solution fixes it for me! Thank you, Kevin :-)

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