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! The words listed below belong to different classes. The peculiarity
! for any of these abbreviations are the forms of suffixes attached to
! them, and whether they require an apostrophe after them or not.
! According to official rules, an abbreviation in all capitals should
! inflect the way the abbreviation is pronounced (not the way the long
! form is pronounced). So, the correct form is "KDV'ye", not "KDV'ne".
! In some cases the official rule and the common use is different,
! particularly for abbreviations that end with a `K', where it is common
! to read it as 'ka' not 'ke', as a result, it is probably more common
! to find "PKK'ya" compared to "PKK'ye".
! On the other hand, the suffixes after abbreviations in lower case
! letters should follow the way the long-form is pronounced. The correct
! form is "gr'a" and "kg'dan", but not "gr'ye" or "kg'den".
! As a result, to correctly recognize the abbreviated forms, we need
! some additional information in the lexicon. We add 'silent' letters
! which are dropped from both analysis and surface levels, but used for
! phonological alternations like vowel harmony, or buffer
! insertion/deletion. These 'silent' letters are
! - ^sBUV Back unrounded vowel (aı)
! - ^sBRV Back rounded vowel (ou)
! - ^sFUV Back unrounded vowel (ei)
! - ^sFRV Back rounded vowel (öü)
! - ^sVC Voiced consonant
! - ^sUC Voiceless consonant
! Most abbreviations are pronounced with a final `e', as a result, if an
! abbreviation does not have any silent letters following it, and if
! there are no vowels in the abbreviation, a ^sFUV is inserted during
! morphophonological process. So, one does not need to add a ^sFUV after
! abbreviations like "TBMM" or "KDV", or "ASELSAN". However, this also
! makes it necessary to ad ^sVC^sFUV for cases like "AB" where despite
! the vowel the abbreviations is pronounced as a sequence of letters.
mm N_unit;
cm N_unit;
m N_unit;
km N_unit;
km/s N_unit;
mm² N_unit;
cm² N_unit;
cm2 N_unit;
m² N_unit;
m2 N_unit;
km² N_unit;
km2 N_unit;
mm³^sFRV^sUC N_unit;
cm³^sFRV^sUC N_unit;
m³^sFRV^sUC N_unit;
m3^sFRV^sUC N_unit;
km³^sFRV^sUC N_unit;
gr^sBUV^sVC N_unit;
kg^sBUV^sVC N_unit;
mg^sBUV^sVC N_unit;
°C^sFUV N_unit;
l N_unit;
ml N_unit;
TV N_abbr;
vb N_abbr;
vs N_abbr;
KDV N_abbr;
ÖTV N_abbr;
CD N_abbr;
ABD NP_abbr;
CHP NP_abbr;
AKP^sFUV NP_abbr;
TBMM NP_abbr;
DYP NP_abbr;
YSK NP_abbr;
YPK NP_abbr;
YSK^sBUV NP_abbr;
TÜİK NP_abbr;
HSYK NP_abbr;
HSYK^sBUV NP_abbr;
BDDK NP_abbr;
BDDK^sBUV NP_abbr;
BP NP_abbr;
AB^sVC^sFUV NP_abbr;
KKTC NP_abbr;
GATA NP_abbr;
MHP NP_abbr;
MCB NP_abbr;
PKK NP_abbr;
BBP NP_abbr;
PKK^sBUV NP_abbr;
KCK NP_abbr;
KCK^sBUV NP_abbr;
MHP NP_abbr;
DGM NP_abbr;
İMKB^sFUV NP_abbr;
DHA NP_abbr;
ANAP NP_abbr;
TOBB NP_abbr;
YÖK NP_abbr;
IM^sFUVF NP_abbr;
IMF^sFUV NP_abbr;
SPK^sBUV NP_abbr;
THY NP_abbr;
TRT NP_abbr;
SHP NP_abbr;
TSK NP_abbr;
TSK^sBUV NP_abbr;
TCK NP_abbr;
TCK^sBUV NP_abbr;
MKYK NP_abbr;
MKYK^sBUV NP_abbr;
AIHM NP_abbr;
ABD^sFUV NP_abbr;
TPAO NP_abbr;
TKP NP_abbr;
İMKB NP_abbr;
TL NP_abbr;
SSK NP_abbr;
SİAD NP_abbr;
ÖDP^sFUV NP_abbr;
DEHAP NP_abbr;
ATO NP_abbr;
YTP NP_abbr;
TC NP_abbr;
SUV N_abbr;
KVK^sBUV NP_abbr;
KVK NP_abbr;
SP NP_abbr;
RP NP_abbr;
MGK NP_abbr;
TÜV NP_abbr;
CBL NP_abbr;
LSD NP_abbr;
KOBİ N_abbr;
TMMOB NP_abbr;
KİT NP_abbr;
KADEK NP_abbr;
İTÜ NP_abbr;
İÜ NP_abbr;
ODTÜ NP_abbr;
IMF NP_abbr;
DYP NP_abbr;
DNA N_abbr;
RNA N_abbr;
YTL N_abbr;
CNN NP_abbr;
NATO NP_abbr;
CNN^sVC NP_abbr;
BMW NP_abbr;
BM NP_abbr;
BDP NP_abbr;
GAP NP_abbr;
TOKİ NP_abbr;
SGK^sBUV NP_abbr;
SGK NP_abbr;
UEFA NP_abbr;
ISO NP_abbr;
TFF NP_abbr;
DTP NP_abbr;
HP NP_abbr;
DP NP_abbr;
AYİM NP_abbr;
MEB NP_abbr;
DSP NP_abbr;
YGS NP_abbr;
İSMEK NP_abbr;
ÖSYM^sFUV NP_abbr;
KPSS NP_abbr;
TEB NP_abbr;
RTÜK NP_abbr;
STK NP_abbr;
DSİ NP_abbr;
MS NP_abbr;
SBS NP_abbr;
CIA NP_abbr;
DTK NP_abbr;
YDH NP_abbr;
KESK NP_abbr;
AİHM NP_abbr;
OECD NP_abbr;
PTT NP_abbr;
FIFA NP_abbr;
ATAŞ NP_abbr;
UIA NP_abbr;
No N_abbr;
Prof N_abbr;
Doç N_abbr;
Yrd N_abbr; ! noun??
Dr N_abbr;
Org N_abbr; ! orgeneral
Sn N_abbr;
Hz N_abbr; ! is this noun?
Şti N_abbr;
LPG N_abbr;
HES N_abbr;
GSM N_abbr;
GSM^sUC N_abbr;
DVD N_abbr;
SMS N_abbr;
SMS^sUC N_abbr;
3G N_abbr;
GPS N_abbr;
GPS^sUC N_abbr;
USB N_abbr;
AVM^sFUV N_abbr;
USB^sFUV N_abbr;
CERN NP_abbr;
ÖSS^sFUV NP_abbr;
ÖYS^sFUV NP_abbr;
AIDS N_abbr;
TAEK NP_abbr;
TAV NP_abbr;
TDK NP_abbr;
LPI NP_abbr;
SSK NP_abbr;
GYO NP_abbr;
STFA NP_abbr;
KUL NP_abbr;
CD&V NP_abbr;
VA NP_abbr;
VCC NP_abbr;
AŞ N_abbr;
A.Ş N_abbr;
TEDAŞ NP_abbr;
YKM NP_abbr;
DRM N_abbr;
DR^sFUVM NP_abbr;
ATV^sFUV NP_abbr;
! The following are From Taner Sezer. Not fully checked.
! Some may need silent phonemes to be inflected correctly.
! first proper nouns
AA NP_abbr;
AAET NP_abbr;
ABB NP_abbr;
ABGS NP_abbr;
ABKF NP_abbr;
ABÖ NP_abbr;
ACÜ NP_abbr;
AÇSAP NP_abbr;
ADÜ NP_abbr;
ADYÜ NP_abbr;
AEGM NP_abbr;
AEİBÖ NP_abbr;
AET NP_abbr;
AEÜ NP_abbr;
AFAD NP_abbr;
AFFB NP_abbr;
AFİF NP_abbr;
AGİK NP_abbr;
AGİT NP_abbr;
AGM NP_abbr;
AİBÖ NP_abbr;
AİBÜ NP_abbr;
AİÇÜ NP_abbr;
AİHAD NP_abbr;
AİHS NP_abbr;
AİK NP_abbr;
AİKB NP_abbr;
AİPB NP_abbr;
AK NP_abbr;
AKB NP_abbr;
AKBB NP_abbr;
AKBİL NP_abbr;
AKÇT NP_abbr;
AKD NP_abbr;
AKM NP_abbr;
AKPM NP_abbr;
AKUT NP_abbr;
AKÜ NP_abbr;
ALES NP_abbr;
ANAÜ NP_abbr;
AOÇ NP_abbr;
AÖB NP_abbr;
AÖF NP_abbr;
AP NP_abbr;
APA NP_abbr;
APB NP_abbr;
APE NP_abbr;
APEC NP_abbr;
APF NP_abbr;
APİİB NP_abbr;
APÖ NP_abbr;
APS NP_abbr;
AREL NP_abbr;
ASAL NP_abbr;
ASF NP_abbr;
ASİGM NP_abbr;
ASK NP_abbr;
ASKİ NP_abbr;
ASO NP_abbr;
AST NP_abbr;
ASÜ NP_abbr;
AŞTİ NP_abbr;
ATAD NP_abbr;
ATB NP_abbr;
ATK NP_abbr;
ATÜ NP_abbr;
ATYGF NP_abbr;
AUA NP_abbr;
AÜ NP_abbr;
AYM NP_abbr;
BADET NP_abbr;
BAE NP_abbr;
BAĞ-KUR NP_abbr;
BAKB NP_abbr;
BATO NP_abbr;
BAÜ NP_abbr;
BAY_ÜNİ NP_abbr;
BBC NP_abbr;
BDT NP_abbr;
BEÜ NP_abbr;
BİB NP_abbr;
BİK NP_abbr;
BMAEK NP_abbr;
BMÇYT NP_abbr;
BMSKÖ NP_abbr;
BMT NP_abbr;
BMTKK NP_abbr;
BMYRİ NP_abbr;
BOREN NP_abbr;
BOTAŞ NP_abbr;
BRT NP_abbr;
BTC NP_abbr;
BTF NP_abbr;
BTK NP_abbr;
BTÜ NP_abbr;
BÜMKO NP_abbr;
BVÜ NP_abbr;
BYEGM NP_abbr;
CBÜ NP_abbr;
CİGM NP_abbr;
CIJ NP_abbr;
CJCE NP_abbr;
CMEA NP_abbr;
CMK NP_abbr;
CMUK NP_abbr;
CNRS NP_abbr;
CSO NP_abbr;
CTC NP_abbr;
CTE NP_abbr;
ÇAĞ_ÜNİ NP_abbr;
ÇED NP_abbr;
ÇGM NP_abbr;
ÇNÜ NP_abbr;
ÇOMÜ NP_abbr;
ÇS NP_abbr;
ÇSGB NP_abbr;
ÇÜ NP_abbr;
ÇYGM NP_abbr;
DAGM NP_abbr;
DAKB NP_abbr;
DAP NP_abbr;
DAT NP_abbr;
DB NP_abbr;
DDB NP_abbr;
DDT NP_abbr;
DDY NP_abbr;
DEÜ NP_abbr;
DFİF NP_abbr;
DFMHÖ NP_abbr;
DGK NP_abbr;
DGÖ NP_abbr;
DGS NP_abbr;
DHMİ NP_abbr;
DİB NP_abbr;
DİBS NP_abbr;
DİE NP_abbr;
DİYİH NP_abbr;
DKK NP_abbr;
DKMP NP_abbr;
DLH NP_abbr;
DMİ NP_abbr;
DMO NP_abbr;
DOBGM NP_abbr;
DOÜ NP_abbr;
DÖGM NP_abbr;
DÖSİM NP_abbr;
DPB NP_abbr;
DPT NP_abbr;
DPÜ NP_abbr;
DSO NP_abbr;
DSÖ NP_abbr;
DT NP_abbr;
DTCF NP_abbr;
DTM NP_abbr;
DTÖ NP_abbr;
EAC NP_abbr;
EBK NP_abbr;
ECHR NP_abbr;
ECJ NP_abbr;
EFTA NP_abbr;
EGM NP_abbr;
EİBKT NP_abbr;
EİBÖ NP_abbr;
EİEİ NP_abbr;
EMEP NP_abbr;
EMG NP_abbr;
EPA NP_abbr;
EPDK NP_abbr;
EPU NP_abbr;
ERÜ NP_abbr;
ESA NP_abbr;
ESF NP_abbr;
ESGM NP_abbr;
ESHOT NP_abbr;
ESOGÜ NP_abbr;
ETKB NP_abbr;
ETOGM NP_abbr;
EU NP_abbr;
EuGH NP_abbr;
EÜAŞ NP_abbr;
Fak-Fuk-Fon NP_abbr;
FBA NP_abbr;
FBI NP_abbr;
FDR NP_abbr;
FIBA NP_abbr;
FILA NP_abbr;
FSMVÜ NP_abbr;
FTAA NP_abbr;
GAMHK NP_abbr;
GAUT NP_abbr;
GAZÜ NP_abbr;
GDAOP NP_abbr;
GDZÜ NP_abbr;
GİB NP_abbr;
GİGM NP_abbr;
Gnkur NP_abbr;
GOÜ NP_abbr;
GSGM NP_abbr;
GSÜ NP_abbr;
GTÖ NP_abbr;
GYTE NP_abbr;
GZK NP_abbr;
HADEP NP_abbr;
HDP NP_abbr;
HAVAŞ NP_abbr;
HGK NP_abbr;
HGM NP_abbr;
HIV NP_abbr;
HİTÜ NP_abbr;
HKK NP_abbr;
HMUK NP_abbr;
HRÜ NP_abbr;
HSSGM NP_abbr;
HUK NP_abbr;
IĞDÜ NP_abbr;
IAAF NP_abbr;
IAEA NP_abbr;
IATA NP_abbr;
İAÜ NP_abbr;
IBEC NP_abbr;
İBÜ NP_abbr;
İBÜN NP_abbr;
ICAO NP_abbr;
ICC NP_abbr;
ICIC NP_abbr;
ICJ NP_abbr;
ICRC NP_abbr;
ICSID NP_abbr;
IDA NP_abbr;
IDB NP_abbr;
İDBÜ NP_abbr;
İDT NP_abbr;
IEA NP_abbr;
İEGM NP_abbr;
İETT NP_abbr;
İEÜ NP_abbr;
IFAD NP_abbr;
IFC NP_abbr;
IFOAM NP_abbr;
İGB NP_abbr;
İGEME NP_abbr;
İGM NP_abbr;
İHB NP_abbr;
İKB NP_abbr;
İKBÜ NP_abbr;
İKÖ NP_abbr;
İKÜ NP_abbr;
İKV NP_abbr;
İKSV NP_abbr;
ILO NP_abbr;
ILS^sFUV N_abbr;
IL^sFUVS N_abbr;
IMO NP_abbr;
İSG NP_abbr;
İSKİ NP_abbr;
İSKYF NP_abbr;
ISMN NP_abbr;
İSO NP_abbr;
ISSN NP_abbr;
İŞKUR NP_abbr;
İŞOT NP_abbr;
İTB NP_abbr;
ITC NP_abbr;
İTG NP_abbr;
İTİCÜ NP_abbr;
ITO NP_abbr;
İTO NP_abbr;
İYTE NP_abbr;
İZTB NP_abbr;
İZTO NP_abbr;
İZÜ NP_abbr;
JGK NP_abbr;
KASTB NP_abbr;
KAÜ NP_abbr;
KBÜ NP_abbr;
KEGM NP_abbr;
KEİ NP_abbr;
KEYK NP_abbr;
KGB NP_abbr;
KGM NP_abbr;
KHÜ NP_abbr;
KHz NP_abbr;
KİBİB NP_abbr;
KİYÜ NP_abbr;
KKGM NP_abbr;
KKK NP_abbr;
KLÜ NP_abbr;
KMS NP_abbr;
KMÜ NP_abbr;
KOİ NP_abbr;
KOÜ NP_abbr;
KPDS NP_abbr;
KSDB NP_abbr;
KSGM NP_abbr;
KSÜ NP_abbr;
KTKB NP_abbr;
KTÖGM NP_abbr;
KTÜ NP_abbr;
KUGM NP_abbr;
KVMGM NP_abbr;
KYGM NP_abbr;
LABB NP_abbr;
LAIA NP_abbr;
LAKEK NP_abbr;
LASTB NP_abbr;
LES NP_abbr;
LYS NP_abbr;
MAKÜ NP_abbr;
MAÖ NP_abbr;
MASAK NP_abbr;
MEÜ NP_abbr;
MĞÜ NP_abbr;
MHAT NP_abbr;
MİGEM NP_abbr;
MİLE NP_abbr;
MİT NP_abbr;
MIT NP_abbr;
MK NP_abbr;
MKB NP_abbr;
MKE NP_abbr;
MKÜ NP_abbr;
MPİ NP_abbr;
MPM NP_abbr;
MSB NP_abbr;
MSGSÜ NP_abbr;
MTA NP_abbr;
NAFTA NP_abbr;
NASA NP_abbr;
NEÜ NP_abbr;
NĞÜ NP_abbr;
NKÜ NP_abbr;
NOTAM NP_abbr;
NVİGM NP_abbr;
OACI NP_abbr;
OAİB NP_abbr;
OAOP NP_abbr;
OAPEC NP_abbr;
OCDE NP_abbr;
OCI NP_abbr;
ODÜ NP_abbr;
OEEC NP_abbr;
OGM NP_abbr;
OIC NP_abbr;
OIEC NP_abbr;
OKÜ NP_abbr;
OMÜ NP_abbr;
OPEC NP_abbr;
OPEP NP_abbr;
ORKÖY NP_abbr;
OSB NP_abbr;
OYAK NP_abbr;
OYEGM NP_abbr;
ÖÇKKB NP_abbr;
ÖİB NP_abbr;
ÖÖKGM NP_abbr;
ÖRGM NP_abbr;
ÖSGM NP_abbr;
ÖYK NP_abbr;
ÖZİ NP_abbr;
ÖZÜ NP_abbr;
PAÜ NP_abbr;
PİEÜT NP_abbr;
PİGM NP_abbr;
PO NP_abbr;
POAŞ NP_abbr;
Ro-Ro NP_abbr;
RSHM NP_abbr;
SATEM NP_abbr;
SAÜ NP_abbr;
SB NP_abbr;
SBF NP_abbr;
SDÜ NP_abbr;
SEFD NP_abbr;
SEK NP_abbr;
SEKA NP_abbr;
SGM NP_abbr;
SHÇEK NP_abbr;
SHGM NP_abbr;
SHÖ NP_abbr;
SİÜ NP_abbr;
SMWK NP_abbr;
SNÜ NP_abbr;
SSCB NP_abbr;
SSDB NP_abbr;
SSM NP_abbr;
STB NP_abbr;
SYDGM NP_abbr;
T.C NP_abbr;
TAA NP_abbr;
TAGEM NP_abbr;
TAPDK NP_abbr;
TARİŞ NP_abbr;
TAU NP_abbr;
TBB NP_abbr;
TCDD NP_abbr;
TCMB NP_abbr;
TCZB NP_abbr;
TDÇİ NP_abbr;
TDİ NP_abbr;
TEAE NP_abbr;
TEAŞ NP_abbr;
TEİAŞ NP_abbr;
TEM NP_abbr;
TETAŞ NP_abbr;
TGC NP_abbr;
TGM NP_abbr;
TGS NP_abbr;
THA NP_abbr;
THK NP_abbr;
THS NP_abbr;
THSGM NP_abbr;
TİGEM NP_abbr;
TİKA NP_abbr;
TİSK NP_abbr;
TKAE NP_abbr;
TKB NP_abbr;
TKF NP_abbr;
TKGM NP_abbr;
TKİ NP_abbr;
TMO NP_abbr;
TMSF NP_abbr;
TSMF NP_abbr;
TMSK NP_abbr;
TNCÜ NP_abbr;
TOEFL NP_abbr;
TÖMER NP_abbr;
TÖÜ NP_abbr;
TP NP_abbr;
TPE NP_abbr;
TRGM NP_abbr;
TRKGM NP_abbr;
TRS NP_abbr;
TSE NP_abbr;
TSKB NP_abbr;
TTB NP_abbr;
TTK NP_abbr;
TTKB NP_abbr;
TTOK NP_abbr;
TUBİM NP_abbr;
TUS NP_abbr;
TÜBA NP_abbr;
TÜGEM NP_abbr;
TÜTAV NP_abbr;
TYDTA NP_abbr;
TZDK NP_abbr;
TZOB NP_abbr;
UA NP_abbr;
UAAF NP_abbr;
UAD NP_abbr;
UAEA NP_abbr;
UAGF NP_abbr;
UAT NP_abbr;
UBAK NP_abbr;
UBAM NP_abbr;
UBB NP_abbr;
UBE NP_abbr;
UBF NP_abbr;
UBOK NP_abbr;
UÇÖ NP_abbr;
UDÖ NP_abbr;
UE NP_abbr;
UEA NP_abbr;
UEİBB NP_abbr;
UETHF NP_abbr;
UFF NP_abbr;
UFK NP_abbr;
UHİK NP_abbr;
UHTB NP_abbr;
UİİBÖ NP_abbr;
UİKB NP_abbr;
UKA NP_abbr;
UKK NP_abbr;
UMT NP_abbr;
UNAC NP_abbr;
UOK NP_abbr;
UÖB NP_abbr;
UPB NP_abbr;
UPF NP_abbr;
UPI NP_abbr;
UPU NP_abbr;
USAŞ NP_abbr;
USF NP_abbr;
USHÖ NP_abbr;
USÖ NP_abbr;
UŞM NP_abbr;
UTKF NP_abbr;
UTM NP_abbr;
UTO NP_abbr;
UYAÇM NP_abbr;
UYB NP_abbr;
ÜAK NP_abbr;
ÜDS NP_abbr;
ÜFE NP_abbr;
VGM NP_abbr;
WCO NP_abbr;
WFC NP_abbr;
WHO NP_abbr;
WIPO NP_abbr;
WTO NP_abbr;
YDK NP_abbr;
YDS NP_abbr;
YEÖGM NP_abbr;
YİBF NP_abbr;
YÖGM NP_abbr;
YÖS NP_abbr;
YSE NP_abbr;
YYÜ NP_abbr;
ZKÜ NP_abbr;
ZMO NP_abbr;
ZRV NP_abbr;
BESOB NP_abbr;
! and common names
ABS N_abbr;
ADSL N_abbr;
AO N_abbr;
Apt N_abbr;
AR-GE N_abbr;
ark N_abbr;
Ar.Gör N_abbr;
Asb N_abbr;
astr N_abbr;
astrol N_abbr;
Atğm N_abbr;
Av N_abbr;
BCG N_abbr;
Bçvş N_abbr;
Bn N_abbr;
Bnb N_abbr;
Böl N_abbr;
Ecz N_abbr;
EEG N_abbr;
EFT N_abbr;
EKG N_abbr;
ekon N_abbr;
Ens N_abbr;
Fak N_abbr;
FM N_abbr;
GB N_abbr;
MB N_abbr;
GBT N_abbr;
GSMH N_abbr;
GSYH N_abbr;
HACCP N_abbr;
HDD N_abbr;
ISBN N_abbr;
KHK N_abbr;
KBB N_abbr;
KM N_abbr;
koor N_abbr;
Kor N_abbr;
Kora N_abbr;
Korg N_abbr;
kr N_abbr;
LP N_abbr;
Ltd N_abbr;
Mah N_abbr;
MHz N_abbr;
MKS N_abbr;
Okt N_abbr;
Onb N_abbr;
Opr N_abbr;
Ord N_abbr;
PK N_abbr;
RAM N_abbr;
ROM N_abbr;
SAS N_abbr;
SAT N_abbr;
SKT N_abbr;
STÖ N_abbr;
SUGES N_abbr;
TEFE N_abbr;
TIR N_abbr;
TÜFE N_abbr;
UHF N_abbr;
UFO N_abbr;
Uzm N_abbr;
Üçvş N_abbr;
Ütğm N_abbr;
VCD N_abbr;
vd N_abbr;
VDMK N_abbr;
Vet N_abbr;
VHF N_abbr;
VIP N_abbr;
WAP N_abbr;
yy N_abbr;
Yzb N_abbr;
Ynt N_abbr;
mp3 N_abbr;
wav N_abbr;
NSB N_abbr;
IŞİD NP_abbr;
İŞİD NP_abbr;
DAEŞ NP_abbr;
ÖSO NP_abbr;
İHH NP_abbr;
T24^sFRV^sUC N_abbr;
Ar-Ge N_abbr;
TSİ NP_abbr;
İHA NP_abbr;
CEO N_abbr;
PYD NP_abbr;
NBA^sFUV^sVC NP_abbr;
NBA^sFUV NP_abbr;
NBA NP_abbr;
RTE NP_abbr;
NTV NP_abbr;
YPG NP_abbr;
BJK NP_abbr;
BJK^sBUV NP_abbr;
İBB NP_abbr;
MYK N_abbr;
MYK^sBUV N_abbr;
TİB NP_abbr;
CSKA NP_abbr;
DJ N_abbr;
DJ^sFUV^sVC N_abbr;
TT N_abbr;
no N_abbr;
TTS N_abbr;
MTS N_abbr;
G20^sFUV NP_abbr;
G-20^sFUV NP_abbr;
DHKP-C NP_abbr;
HD N_abbr;
TEOG NP_abbr;
TED NP_abbr;
MP NP_abbr;
FB NP_abbr;
GS NP_abbr;
PM N_abbr;
HGS NP_abbr;
CAS NP_abbr;
3D NP_abbr;
GDO N_abbr;
ATM N_abbr;
MR N_abbr;
M^sBUVR N_abbr;
dk N_abbr;
PDFK^sBUV NP_abbr;
PDFK NP_abbr;
FED NP_abbr;
İDO NP_abbr;
JİTEM NP_abbr;
AFP^sFUV NP_abbr;
MHK^sBUV NP_abbr;
MHK NP_abbr;
BŞB NP_abbr;
NSA NP_abbr;
NSA^sFUV NP_abbr;
TMK^sBUV NP_abbr;
TMK NP_abbr;
DBP NP_abbr;
HSBC NP_abbr;
İHD^sFUV NP_abbr;
ECB NP_abbr;
YDG NP_abbr;
LG NP_abbr;
DEAŞ NP_abbr;
DAİŞ NP_abbr;
PC N_abbr;
LGBTİ N_abbr;
LGBTI N_abbr;
LGBT N_abbr;
BKM N_abbr;
LED N_abbr;
HTC NP_abbr;
ÖSYS NP_abbr;
AC^sFUV N_abbr;
MW N_abbr;
KDP NP_abbr;
İP NP_abbr;
IP N_abbr;
IP^sFUV N_abbr;
MTV NP_abbr;
İZSU NP_abbr;
TS NP_abbr;
SPD NP_abbr;
ETA NP_abbr;
TTNET NP_abbr;
BMGK NP_abbr;
BB N_abbr; ! büyükşehir belediyesi
ATSO NP_abbr;
UYAP NP_abbr;
CEV NP_abbr;
IKBY NP_abbr;
LCD N_abbr;
DEİK NP_abbr;
OHAL N_abbr;
BLD N_abbr;
PPK NP_abbr;
IHA NP_abbr;
VW NP_abbr;
PASOK NP_abbr;
CDU NP_abbr;
NSU NP_abbr;
USD NP_abbr;
PAOK NP_abbr;
KOAH NP_abbr;
ÇYDD NP_abbr;
TCG NP_abbr;
OVP^sFUV NP_abbr;
HPG NP_abbr;
Wi-Fi N_abbr;
WiFi N_abbr;
GSYİH^sFUV N_abbr;
ALS N_abbr;
IB^sFUVM NP_abbr;
BÇG NP_abbr;
P^sBURR NP_abbr;
PR NP_abbr;
IQ^sFRV NP_abbr;
TK NP_abbr;
TK^sBUR NP_abbr;
UMKE NP_abbr;
KSK NP_abbr;
KSK^sBUR NP_abbr;
KYK^sBUR NP_abbr;
CNBC NP_abbr;
BNP NP_abbr;
TSYD NP_abbr;
GM NP_abbr;
BMC NP_abbr;
YDÜ NP_abbr;
TM NP_abbr;
İGDAŞ NP_abbr;
BTSO NP_abbr;
TNT N_abbr;
Cad N_abbr;
Sok N_abbr;
TSO NP_abbr;
ÖYM NP_abbr;
IMEI N_abbr;
IMEI^sFUR N_abbr;
ENKA NP_abbr;
TANAP NP_abbr;
DDK^sBUR NP_abbr;
DDK NP_abbr;
BES NP_abbr;
TESK NP_abbr;
İZBAN NP_abbr;
AG^sFUR N_abbr;
GP N_abbr;
CNR NP_abbr;
PJAK NP_abbr;
TGB NP_abbr;
UCM^sFUR NP_abbr;
ÇHD NP_abbr;
DEDAŞ NP_abbr;
GE NP_abbr;
IOC^sFUR NP_abbr;
FDT NP_abbr;
ULEB NP_abbr;
Yard N_abbr;
DNS N_abbr;
DNS^sFUR^sVC N_abbr;
LÖSEV N_abbr;
SMDK N_abbr;
SMDK^sBUR N_abbr;
FETÖ N_abbr;
OGS^sFUR N_abbr;
KGS N_abbr;
YAŞ NP_abbr;
CASA NP_abbr;
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