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Open notebook
Colton Grainger

Here are rough, gargantuan, and unfocused notes I've compiled to keep pace with lectures.


Any mistakes are my own. Please send questions, comments, complaints, and corrections to


The markdown files are licensed in the public domain (CC-0). The pdf files are also CC-0, but uploaded in fair use. The site is served with gitit, released under the GPL. The font is Fira Sans, and the mathematics is rendered with MathJax.


If not for lack of time, these could have been shorter, less vulgar, and presented as smaller files. Presently, however, the exposition is "As apeares in the wast booke", i.e.,

PER: Pray you let's see, sir. What is here?


    A rat had gnawn my spur-leathers; notwithstanding,
    I put on new, and did go forth: but first
    I threw three beans over the threshold. Item,
    I went and bought two tooth-picks, whereof one
    I burst immediatly, in a discourse
    With a Dutch merchant, 'bout ragion del stato.
    From him I went and paid a moccinigo,
    For piecing my silk stockings; by the way
    I cheapen'd sprats; and at St. Mark's I urined."

    'Faith, these are politic notes!

SIR P: Sir, I do slip
    No action of my life, but thus I quote it.

PER: Believe me, it is wise!

SIR P: Nay, sir, read forth.

[Ben Jonson, Act 4. Scene 4.1, Volpone]

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