JSONAPI implementation for use with SQLAlchemy



Build Status

WARNING: The master branch is currently breaking backwards compatibility and thus has been bumped to 5.0.0. Builds are likely to fail during 5.0.0 development.

JSON API implementation for use with SQLAlchemy.

SQLAlchemy-JSONAPI aims to implement the JSON API spec and to make it as simple to use and implement as possible.


pip install sqlalchemy-jsonapi

Quick usage with Flask-SQLAlchemy

# Assuming FlaskSQLAlchemy is db and your Flask app is app:
from sqlalchemy_jsonapi import FlaskJSONAPI

api = FlaskJSONAPI(app, db)

# Or, for factory-style applications
api = FlaskJSONAPI()
api.init_app(app, db)

Quick usage without Flask

# Assuming declarative base is called Base
from sqlalchemy_jsonapi import JSONAPI
api = JSONAPI(Base)

# And assuming a SQLAlchemy session
print(api.get_collection(session, {}, 'resource-type'))