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Mono-repository for MATE ROV development.
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🤖 mate-rov

Mono-repository for CURC's MATE ROV code.

Project Structure

TBD :)

How to Install Locally

  1. git clone
  2. TBD...


  1. TBD...


To contribute code to this repository, you must:

  1. Ensure your current code does not affect major changes from the most recent master branch. To do this, constantly run git pull every time you write new code locally.
  2. Submit a pull request to commit the changes to the repository. You'll require one approval from another developer before the code can be merged to the master branch.
  3. Once approved, your remote branch will be committed to master.

Naming Commits


Provide short, accurate descriptions of your code changes.

For example:

  • Fixed backwards/forwards mixup bug
  • Changed tracking tolerance to 0.9


Provide long or cryptic commit messages.

For example:

  • Created a new technique that tracks the presence of baby dolphins in the pool and propels the robot to swim directly to these dolphins
  • Updated driver code

Naming Remote Branches


Name your remote branch this if you are working on an entirely new feature for the project.


Name your remote branch this if you are fixing an already-existing feature. Feel free to add or ommit numbers at the end of the name to discern your branch from others.


Name your remote branch this if you are refactoring something in an already-existing feature, such as changing a variable name. The above applies here.


Name your remote branch this if you are testing an already-existing feature. The above applies here too.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

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