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models merged dev Oct 17, 2018

Research paper:

Train the model.

Chose the model ll.174-176, and the parameters ll. 111-142 in See models/ for parameter usage. Then, for instance:

python3 --num_gpus 1 --dataset cifar10 --mode train

Eval the model.

Chose parameters in, then:

python3 --num_gpus 1 --dataset cifar10 --mode eval

The eval data is logged in eval_data.json

Other "modes"

attack, attack_eval, plot

For the attack, the attack type and parameters are ll. 152-181 in


The most basic model is in models/, with robustness tests in models/utils/, and trained/evaluated through models/{train,evaluate}.py.

Attacks are implemented in attacks/ and attacks/

Pretrained model:

The ResNet for cifar10, L=0.1 (for L2 attacks) is available here: