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app Eric
bin Notice
config Almost
db Docker updates
doc Launch of CRB Labs
lib Launch of CRB Labs
log Launch of CRB Labs
public Launch of CRB Labs
script Launch of CRB Labs
vendor Start of redesign
.env.web Docker, Faker, bunch of nice stuff
.gitignore Minor link typo
Dockerfile Docker, Faker, bunch of nice stuff
Gemfile Another month
Gemfile.lock Old rails apps
Procfile Unicorn Moved README to Markdown, added some stubs
Rakefile Launch of CRB Labs
b1.dump Tweaks Launch of CRB Labs
docker-compose.yml Docker, Faker, bunch of nice stuff

Columbus Ruby Brigade Website


TODO: Add some information about CRB

How to Join

TODO: Add steps on how to join


TODO: Add contributing information.

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