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Multiplayer Game Client for Defold Engine.
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Versioning / How to import on game.project

It is recommended to use the branch corresponding to the version number you're interested in using, to ensure your project is going to receive the updates without breaking changes.

NOT RECOMMENDED, using the master branch is not recommended. whenever a new major version of Colyseus is released, your project will break unless you upgrade the server as well.

RECOMMENDED: it is recommended to use either the fixed version number (e.g. 0.x.x)

See Releases for the full versions list.

We also provide a branch with the major version number, if you'd like to keep receiving updates for a particular version:
Description Status
Master Branch Build Status Build Status

Test suite

This project uses deftest for testing, the assertion functions are documented by @britzl here:


Big thanks to Björn Ritzl. Without his efforts on the WebSocket library this client wouldn't exist.