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Alex Ionescu, David Weston - Inside the Octagon Analyzing System Guard Runtime Attestation.pdf
Amat Cama - A Walk With Shannon- A walkthrough of a PWN2OWN Baseband exploit.pdf
Charles Nitay Anna - The Baseband Basics.pdf
JP Smith - Smart Contract Program Analysis.pdf
Saif ElSherei - You and your research.pdf


OPCDE Kenya 2018


  • Program Analysis on Smart Contracts - JP Smith, Trail Of Bits
  • A Walk With Shannon: A walkthrough of a PWN2OWN Baseband exploit - Amat Cama, Independant
  • Reversing the Octagon: Next-Gen Windows Security - Alex Ionescu, Dave Weston
  • The Baseband Basics: Understanding, Debugging and Pwning the Mediatek Communication Processor - Nitay Artenstein, Charles Muiruri
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