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OPCDE U.A.E. 2019

Create a folder using the following format "Talk name - Authors" containing your slides and materials.


  • Automated Reverse Engineering of Industrial Control Systems Binaries - Mihalis Maniatakos (@realmomalab)
  • Using Symbolic Execution to Root Routers - Mathy Vanhoef (@vanhoefm)
  • Evolving Attacker Techniques in Account Takeover - Philip Martin (@securityguyphil)
  • Lions at the watering hole - Andrei Boz (@dekeneas)
  • Next Gen IoT Botnets - owning 450.000 devices from a single vendor - Alex "Jay" Balan (@jaymzu)
  • Danger of using fully homomorphic encryption,a look at Microsoft SEAL - Zhiniang Peng (@edwardzpeng)
  • (SAP) Gateway to Heaven - Mathieu Geli & Dmitry Chastuhin (@gelim, @_chipik)
  • NTLM Relay Is Dead,NO, this is impossible - sanr, Yang Zhang (@by_sanr, @izykw)
  • Modern Secure Boot Attacks: Bypassing Hardware Root of Trust from Software - Alex Matrosov (@matrosov)
  • Practical Uses for Memory Visualization - Ulf Frisk (@UlfFrisk)
  • Trade War: Shellcode's Wielding of Imports and Exports - Willi Ballenthin (@williballenthin)
  • WhatsApp Digger - Deemah A Alotaibi, Lamyaa S Alsaleem, Malak F Aldakheel, Sarah A Alqhtani (@_Saraque @Lamya_Alsleem @DeemaAlotaibi5 @Malakfsd)
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