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Comae Stardust Command Line (Powershell & Python)
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Comae Stardust PowerShell

This repository contains a set of PowerShell cmdlets for developers and administrators to develop, deploy and manage Comae Stardust applications.


  • Create

    • Create your dump file New-ComaeDumpFile or snapshot New-ComaeSnapshot.
  • Upload

    • Upload your dump file Send-ComaeDumpFile or snapshot Send-ComaeSnapshot directly to the Comae Stardust platform.
  • Create and Upload

    • Create and upload your dump file Send-ComaeDumpFile or snapshot Send-ComaeSnapshot directly to the Comae Stardust platform.

For detail descriptions and examples of the cmdlets, type

  • help comae to get all the cmdlets.
  • help <cmdlet name> to get the details of a specific cmdlet.


Import-Module .\Comae.ps1

Using Comae Stardust PowerShell

Dump files

# Generate Key
$Key = GetComaeAPIKey -ClientId "<Comae-Client-Id>" -ClientSecret "<Comae-Client-Secret>"

# Create dump file
New-ComaeDumpFile -Directory "C:\Comae-CrashDumps"
New-ComaeDumpFile -Directory "C:\Comae-CrashDumps" -IsCompress

# Upload dump file
Send-ComaeDumpFile -Key $Key -Path "C:\Comae-CrashDumps\FileName.dmp" -ItemType "File"

# Create and upload dump file
Send-ComaeDumpFile -Key $Key -Path "C:\Comae-CrashDumps" -ItemType "Directory"
Send-ComaeDumpFile -Key $Key -Path "C:\Comae-CrashDumps" -ItemType "Directory" -IsCompress


# Create snapshot
New-ComaeSnapshot -Directory "C:\Comae-Snapshots"

# Upload snapshot
Send-ComaeSnapshot -Key $Key -Path "C:\Comae-Snapshots\" -ItemType "File"

# Create and upload snapshot
Send-ComaeSnapshot -Key $Key -Path "C:\Comae-Snapshots" -ItemType "Directory"

# Convert dump file to snapshot
Convert-DumpFileToSnapshot -FilePath "C:\Comae-CrashDumps\FileName.dmp" -Directory "C:\Comae-Snapshots"
Convert-DumpFileToSnapshot -FilePath "C:\Comae-CrashDumps\FileName.dmp" -Directory "C:\Comae-Snapshots" -SymbolPath "C:\Symbols"
Convert-DumpFileToSnapshot -FilePath "C:\Comae-CrashDumps\FileName.dmp" -Directory "C:\Comae-Snapshots" -SymbolServer ""
Convert-DumpFileToSnapshot -FilePath "C:\Comae-CrashDumps\FileName.dmp" -Directory "C:\Comae-Snapshots" -SymbolPath "C:\Symbols" -SymbolServer ""

Convert & Upload Multiple Snapshots

Get-ChildItem -Path C:\DumpFiles -File | ForEach-Object { Convert-DumpFileToSnapshot -FilePath $_.FullName -Directory "C:\Snapshots" }
Get-ChildItem -Path C:\Snapshots -File | ForEach-Object { Send-ComaeSnapshot -Key $Key -Path $_.FullName -ItemType "File" }

Source Code

  1. Download the source code from GitHub repo
  2. Follow the Comae PowerShell Developer Guide

Supported PowerShell Versions

Get Started

In general, follow these steps to start using Comae Stardust PowerShell

Find Your Way

You can use the following cmdlet to find out all the cmdlets for your environment

# Return all the cmdlets for Comae
Get-Command *Comae*

Contribute Code or Provide Feedback

If you encounter any bugs with the library please file an issue in the Issues section of the project.

Learn More

Contact with any additional questions or comments.

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