Project template for frontend apps based on ES6, React, Redux, Webpack and CSS modules. Includes eslint.
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ES6 Frontend boilerplate for 2017

This is simple boilerplate that I use for my projects when using React. It's mostly based on what's popular now and in 2016.

The project includes:

  • webpack configuration for building for production & development environments
  • webpack dev server for developing
  • Usage with:
    • ES6 syntax (even for webpack config)
    • React
    • Immutable.js
    • Redux & ReduxThunk
    • CSS modules & SASS
  • reasonable eslint configuration

You will find an example of App component so you can figure out how the structure of the project is intended, along with sample Redux application state.

Building & running

The project is intended to be used with Yarn.


yarn install

Run in development

yarn start

Run tests

yarn test


yarn build to build app with development options

yarn build:production to build app with production options

The files will be in /build folder.