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Template for cls-scala projects using Play and Git

This will setup a cls-scala project, presenting inhabitants and hosting them via git using cls-scala-presentation-play-git.


  1. Type in
    sbt new combinators/cls-scala-project.g8

and answer the questions. 2. Make sure you adapt the generated application.conf according to your security needs. 3. To add a controller for you inhabitation requests use TODO By default they will be hosted on http://localhost:9000/name, where name will be your reply to one of the questions.

Help and Contributions

Please refer to the documentation project for a more detailed documentation.

Join combinators/cls-scala on Gitter to ask any additional questions.

Main Authors

  • Jan Bessai
  • Boris Düdder
  • Geroge T. Heineman


Your name here?

Just the usual: open pull requests and or issues. Feel free to add yourself to the list in this file, if you contributed something.