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Documentation of the Combinatory Logic Synthesizer (CL)S Framework

This repository houses the official documentation for the Combinatory Logic Synthesizer (CL)S framework.

The documentation is hosted at

Improving the documentation

Clone this repository, edit the markdown files and test the result in your local browser using

sbt runMain pamflet.Pamflet src

Visit the Pamflet website for editing documentation.

When done, open a pull request against branch source including your markdown files.

Do not try to push the generated documentation!

Travis will automatically build and update the website, once your request has been accepted.

The documentation source is kept in branch source and the compiled output in master.

Help and Contributions

Join combinators/cls-scala on Gitter.

Main Authors

  • Jan Bessai
  • Boris Düdder
  • Geroge T. Heineman


Your name here?

Just the usual: open pull requests and or issues. Feel free to add yourself to the list in this file, if you contributed something.