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;; OpenMBase
;; Copyright 2005-2015, Meta Alternative Ltd. All rights reserved.
;;; An alternative pattern matching (to be used in a peephole optimizer).
(Section "Advanced pattern matching")
;; 1. Parsing the symbolic patterns.
(define pm:ptn-parse-p
(<r> (
(((_ "[") ((! "]") +*) (_ "]")) -> (fun (x) `(S ,(list->symbol x))))
(((_ "$$") ((p.ucalpha +*) :-> list->symbol) (_ ":") ((p. *) :-> list->symbol))
-> (fmt (a b) `($$ ,a ,b)))
(((_ "$$") ((p.ucalpha +*) :-> list->symbol)) -> (fmt (a) `($$1 ,a)))
(((_ "$") ((p. *) :-> list->symbol)) -> (fmt (a) `($ ,a)))
(((_ "=") ((p. *) :-> list->symbol)) -> (fmt (a) `(= ,a)))
((p. *) -> (fun (x) `(S ,(list->symbol x))))
(function pm:ptn-parse (sym)
(let* ((l (string->list (symbol->string sym)))
(v (p-result (pm:ptn-parse-p l))))
(fccase v
((S) (x) `(match-symbol ,x))
(($$ $$1) (a . b)
(case a
((AS) `(match-as ,@b))
((XXX) `(match-anybutnext ,@b))
((FFF) `(match-guard ,@b))
((FF) `(match-post-function ,@b))
((F) `(match-function ,@b))
((RP) `(match-many ,@b))
((R) `(match-range ,@b))
((L) `(match-any-list ,@b))
((N) `(match-any-number ,@b))
((S) `(match-any-string ,@b))
((M) `(match-any-symbol ,@b))))
(($) (x) `(match-anything ,x))
((=) (x) `(match-bindeq ,x))
(else (ccerror `(pm:error ,sym))))))
;; 2. Process the pattern.
(recfunction pm:ptn-process (ptn)
((null? ptn) `(match-null))
((symbol? ptn) (pm:ptn-parse ptn))
((and (list? ptn) (symbol? (car ptn)))
(let ((ss (pm:ptn-parse (car ptn))))
(fccase ss
((match-anybutnext) rest
,(if (null? rest) nil (car rest))
,(pm:ptn-process (cdr ptn))))
((match-function match-range) rest
`(,(car ss) ,(if (null? rest) nil (car rest)) ,@(cdr ptn)))
((match-as) rest
(if (null? rest) (pm:ptn-process (cdr ptn))
`(match-as ,(car rest)
,(pm:ptn-process (cdr ptn)))))
((match-many) rest
`(match-many ,(if rest (car rest) nil)
,(pm:ptn-process (cadr ptn))
,(pm:ptn-process (cddr ptn))
((match-guard) rest
`(match-guard ,(pm:ptn-process (cadr ptn)) ,(caddr ptn)))
((match-post-function) rest
`(match-post-function ,(if (null? rest) nil (car rest))
,(cadr ptn) ,(pm:ptn-process (cddr ptn))))
(else `(match-cons ,ss ,(pm:ptn-process (cdr ptn)))))))
((list? ptn)
`(match-cons ,(pm:ptn-process (car ptn)) ,(pm:ptn-process (cdr ptn))))
((string? ptn)
`(match-string ,ptn))
((number? ptn)
`(match-number ,ptn))
(else `(match-any))))
;; 2. Unroll the processed pattern into the matching code.
(macro pm:ptn-try (cnd body)
`(if ,cnd ,body
(macro pm:ptn-failed-m ()
(recfunction pm:ptn-unroll (ptn pas body)
(fccase ptn
((match-cons) (hd tl)
(with-syms (ch ct)
`(pm:ptn-try (list? ,pas)
(let ((,ch (car ,pas))
(,ct (cdr ,pas)))
,(pm:ptn-unroll hd ch (pm:ptn-unroll tl ct body)) ))))
((match-anybutnext) (bnd ptn2)
(let* ((bbnd (if (null? bnd) (gensym) bnd))
(lop (gensym))
(larg (gensym))
(ltst (gensym)))
`(let ,lop ((,larg ,pas) (,bbnd nil))
(let ((,ltst (with-macros ((pm:ptn-failed-m (fun (_)
'pm:ptn-failed))) ,(pm:ptn-unroll ptn2 larg body))))
(if (eqv? pm:ptn-failed ,ltst)
(if (or (null? ,larg)
(not (list? ,larg)))
(,lop (cdr ,larg) (append ,bbnd (list (car ,larg)))))
((match-as) (bnd pattern)
`(let ((,bnd ,pas)) ,(pm:ptn-unroll pattern bnd body)))
((match-many) (bnd ptn2 ptnr)
(let* ((bbnd (if (null? bnd) (gensym) bnd))
(lop (gensym))
(larg (gensym))
(clarg (gensym))
(ltst (gensym)))
`(let ,lop ((,larg ,pas) (,bbnd nil))
(let ((,ltst (if (and ,larg (list? ,larg))
(let ((,clarg (car ,larg)))
(with-macros ((pm:ptn-failed-m (fun (_)
,(pm:ptn-unroll ptn2 clarg '(quote x))))
(if (eqv? pm:ptn-failed ,ltst)
,(pm:ptn-unroll ptnr larg body)
(if (or (null? ,larg)
(not (list? ,larg)))
(,lop (cdr ,larg) (append ,bbnd (list (car ,larg)))))
((match-function) (bnd fn)
`(pm:ptn-try (,fn ,pas) ,(if bnd `(let ((,bnd ,pas)) ,body) body)))
((match-guard) (ptn fn)
(pm:ptn-unroll ptn pas `(pm:ptn-try (,fn ,pas) ,body)))
((match-post-function) (bnd fn ptn2)
(with-syms (sss)
`(let (,@(if (null? bnd) nil `((,bnd ,pas))) (,sss (,fn ,pas))) ,(pm:ptn-unroll ptn2 sss body))))
((match-number) (nm)
`(pm:ptn-try (and (number? ,pas) (eq? ,pas ,nm)) ,body))
((match-any) _
((match-bindeq) (vr)
`(pm:ptn-try (eq? ,pas ,vr) ,body))
((match-string) (str)
`(pm:ptn-try (and (string? ,pas) (eq? ,pas ,str)) ,body))
((match-symbol) (sym)
`(pm:ptn-try (eqv? ,pas (quote ,sym)) ,body))
((match-null) _
`(pm:ptn-try (null? ,pas) ,body))
((match-anything) (bnd)
`(let ((,bnd ,pas)) ,body))
((match-any-symbol) x
`(pm:ptn-try (symbol? ,pas) ,(if (null? x) body `(let ((,@x ,pas)) ,body))))
((match-any-list) x
`(pm:ptn-try (list? ,pas) ,(if (null? x) body `(let ((,@x ,pas)) ,body))))
((match-any-string) x
`(pm:ptn-try (string? ,pas) ,(if (null? x) body `(let ((,@x ,pas)) ,body))))
((match-any-number) x
`(pm:ptn-try (number? ,pas) ,(if (null? x) body `(let ((,@x ,pas)) ,body))))
((match-range) (bnd . sms)
`(pm:ptn-try (and (symbol? ,pas) (or ,@(foreach-map (s sms) `(eqv? ,pas ,s))))
,(if (null? bnd) body `(let ((,bnd ,pas)) ,body))))
(else (ccerror `(pm:unroll ,ptn)))))
;; 3. Wrap it into the macro.
(macro p:match (val . ptns)
("The most generic form of pattern matching.[br]"
"Pattern language is following:[br]"
" <pattern>:"
" $<ident> - binds anything to the given identifier"
" | <symbol> - matches the symbol value"
" | <string> - matches the string value"
" | <number> - matches the integer number value"
" | =<ident> - checks if the value equals to a given variable value"
" | $$L[:<ident>] - matches any list"
" | $$N[:<ident>] - matches any number"
" | $$S[:<ident>] - matches any string"
" | $$M[:<ident>] - matches any symbol"
" | ($$AS:<ident> . <pattern>) - match a pattern and bind a value to a name"
" | ($$F[:<ident>] <fun(x)>) - checks if <expr> applied to this node gives #t"
" | ($$R[:<ident>] . <symbol>*) - matches any of the given symbols"
" | ($$XXX[:<ident>] . <pattern>) - any number of list elements before"
" pattern is matched"
" | ($$FFF <pattern> <fun(x)>) - applies a pattern and additionally applies a guard function"
" | ($$FF[:<ident>] <fun(x)> . <pattern>) - checks if <fun> is not nil, and"
" applies pattern to a function value."
" This feature is a tribute to Don Syme's banana brackets."
" | (<pattern> . <pattern>) - matches a cons cell, applies patterns"
" to its contents"
" See [Pattern matching] documentation section for details."
(with-syms (top res)
`(let ((,top ,val))
,(let loop ((ps ptns))
((null? ps) 'nil)
((eqv? 'else (caar ps)) (cadar ps))
(else `(let ((,res
(pm:ptn-process (caar ps))
top `(begin ,@(cdar ps)))))
(if (eqv? ,res pm:ptn-failed)
,(loop (cdr ps))
;;; Unit tests for pattern matching:
(unit-test 1 (p:match '(a b c) (($x $y $z) (list z x y))) (c a b))
(unit-test 1 (p:match '(a b a) (($x $y =x) (list x y))) (a b))
(unit-test 1 (p:match '(a b c) (($x $y =x) (list x y)) (else 'nop)) nop)
(unit-test 1 (p:match '(x (y z)) (($a ($$AS:b y $c)) (list c b a)))
(z (y z) x))
;(unit-test 1 (p:match '(q 1 2 3) ((($$R:a x y z q v w) . $b)
; (list b a)))
; ((1 2 3) q))
;(unit-test 1 (p:match '(v 1 2 3) ((($$R:a x y z q v w) . $b)
; (list b a)))
; ((1 2 3) q))
;(unit-test 1 (p:match '(m 1 2 3) ((($$R:a x y z q v w) . $b)
; (list b a)))
; ((1 2 3) q))
;(unit-test-defn 3 (function hugelist (n)
; (collector (add get)
; (for (i 0 n) (add i))
; (get))))
;(unit-test 3 (let bigloop ((fn I) (l (hugelist 1000000)))
; (p:match l
; (($hd . $tl) (begin
; (fn hd) (bigloop fn tl)))
; (() 'DONE))) DONE)