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package ml.combust.mleap.bundle.ops.feature
import ml.combust.bundle.BundleContext
import ml.combust.bundle.dsl._
import ml.combust.bundle.op.OpModel
import ml.combust.mleap.bundle.ops.MleapOp
import ml.combust.mleap.core.feature.StringMapModel
import ml.combust.mleap.runtime.MleapContext
import ml.combust.mleap.runtime.transformer.feature.StringMap
* Created by hollinwilkins on 1/5/17.
class StringMapOp extends MleapOp[StringMap, StringMapModel] {
override val Model: OpModel[MleapContext, StringMapModel] = new OpModel[MleapContext, StringMapModel] {
// the class of the model is needed for when we go to serialize JVM objects
override val klazz: Class[StringMapModel] = classOf[StringMapModel]
// a unique name for our op: "string_map"
override def opName: String = Bundle.BuiltinOps.feature.string_map
override def store(model: Model, obj: StringMapModel)
(implicit context: BundleContext[MleapContext]): Model = {
// unzip our label map so we can store the label and the value
// as two parallel arrays, we do this because MLeap Bundles do
// not support storing data as a map
val (labels, values) = obj.labels.toSeq.unzip
// add the labels and values to the Bundle model that
// will be serialized to our MLeap bundle
model.withValue("labels", Value.stringList(labels)).
withValue("values", Value.doubleList(values))
override def load(model: Model)
(implicit context: BundleContext[MleapContext]): StringMapModel = {
// retrieve our list of labels
val labels = model.value("labels").getStringList
// retrieve our list of values
val values = model.value("values").getDoubleList
// reconstruct the model using the parallel labels and values
// the core model that is used by the transformer
override def model(node: StringMap): StringMapModel = node.model