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Feature Table

This document tabulates the current feature stability and development status.


Status Icon Description
Stable There are no planned changes to this feature in the forseeable future.
Beta 🅱️ The feature is available and in beta for quality control testing, after which it becomes stable
Experimental ⚗️ This feature is available but how it works may change in the near future. If you rely on this feature, you may need to update the project that uses it in the future.
Under development 🏗 This feature is planned or being actively developed and is not currently available.
Requested 💡 This feature has been requested but is not being actively developed.


Name Status Description
Basic template syntax See basic syntax
Matching for balanced alphanumeric keywords
Interactive review mode Use -review for interactive review like in codemod
Sub-matching rule expressions ⚗️ See sub-matching syntax
Nested rewrite rule expressions ⚗️ See rewrite expression syntax
Optional holes ⚗️ See syntax and usage tips
Matching for arbitrary balanced tags 🏗 See roadmap
Indentation-sensitive matching 🏗 See #65 and roadmap
Interactive mode with git-patch 💡 See #134
Editor extensions 💡 See #103
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