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Cloud Foundry cli plugin for rolling restart of application instances
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This Cloudfoundry cli plugin is to allow the recycling of application instances without interruption to the application availability.

The plugin works by restarting individual Application Instances(AI's) waiting for one to fully restart before moving on to the next.


The plugin was built and tested using the below versions

  1. Golang 1.10.0
  2. CloudFoundry CLI 6.35.2

Installation from Source

Using your favorite versioning system, set variables for the major, minor, and patch versions.

git clone
go get
govendor build -ldflags "-X main.Major=${major} -X main.Minor=${minor} -X main.Patch=${patch}" -o out/cf-recycle-plugin cf_recycle_plugin.go
cf install-plugin out/cf-recycle-plugin -f


Binaries are available in the releases section.


cf recycle <APP NAME>
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