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Postnational solutions: ComComIzed Rcoin IIaom Liquid unions

Alternative identify, money, distribution and ownership based on exchange ability, mutuality. License humanitarian agpl.
  • we are working under dcomcomized (changeable d) module such that the equal part is paid as divided and the additionally unequal contribution of the peer owners is paid as a donation/gift/­bounce/salary/­free-lancer/employ.

Pinned repositories

  1. By turning developers owners over their ip, we are reducing development cost, while building qt on, publishing under AGPL and/or Humanitarian Agpl License (…


  2. Forked from comcomist/Makers-Agency-app

    Calculating the most economical tasks for maker in (a team working as) a channel of an agency

  3. Forked from comcomist/lppp---Located-Password-Protected-Protocol

    strengthening the user's key with her/his extra knowledge about the protected object.

  4. Forked from comcomist/liquid-union

    plugin for authentic and better representation and for integration between, never of, different groups and individuals

  5. Forked from comcomist/comcomized-groups

    wordpress plugin making bp group a platform for common company


  6. Time Limited Coins issued for Peer Owners in a Fair Redistributions - CommunalCoin constantly lose its value in time as each member in the local (using coin) community constantly gets an equal divi…

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