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Hypertext Command Line Interface (HCLI) I-D

This repository is intended to contain an Internet-Draft for the hypertext command line interface (HCLI).

This project is an effort to standardize semantics associated with command line interface in the hope of fostering a prolific intersection between the REST architectural style and the pipe and filter style (e.g. Unix/Linux shell).

Some measure of effort also went into trying to ensure broadest support across hypermedia-rich media-type (e.g. HTML, HAL, Collection+JSON, Siren, JSON API, JSON-LD, etc.) via the use of the Application Level Profile Semantics (ALPS) [1] and [2].

This specification emerged out of an idea that started as a python client named "huckle" [3], created by the same author as the HCLI specification, as an attempt to establish a reusable command line client and specifically to bring some of the benefits of REST closer to the Linux command line interface.

Discussion about the HCLI specification (and huckle) can happen on huckle's google group [4].

You can also visit to access an example HCLI server [5]


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