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CometChat Demo App for Xamarin (Android)
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CometChat enables you to add voice, video and text chat to your Xamarin Android app in minutes! That's not all, CometChat has whiteboard, writeboard, real-time translation and more.

Quick Start

  1. Download the sample Xamarin Android project from this repository and open the solution(.sln) in Visual Studio.

  2. Open the MainActivity.cs file and replace the CometChat License Key and API Key values. These values can be found in the CometChat Admin Panel, under the Settings-> API Keys section.

  3. Now you need to add the CometChat packages to the project. Please follow the below steps to the following:

    a. Expand the CometChatSample folder. b. Right-click on the packages folder and click on Add packages. c. Search for Xamarin.Android.CometChat package and add it to your project.

Now you can run the sample app.

For more information regarding the CometChat Xamarin.Forms SDK , please refer to the developer documentation.

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