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Build a React chat application using CometChat Pro that will send push notifications
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Build a React chat app with push notifications

This sample app shows how to build a React chat application using CometChat Pro that will send push notifications.

Push Notification 1 Push Notification 2 TODO: Add macOS screenshot

Jump straight into the code or read the accompanying step-by-step guide here on our blog.


This demo uses:

  • React
  • CometChat Pro JavaScript SDK
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging

Running the demo locally

Running the demo locally isn't tricky but please do make care to follow the instructions carefully.

Download and setup the repository

  • Download the repository here or run git clone
  • In the react-chat-push-notifications directory, run npm install

### Configure CometChat

  • Head to the CometChat dsahboard (you'll need to create an account)
  • Create a new app
  • Head to the Keys tab and note your app ID and auto-generated full access key
  • Create a .env file in the root folder of the project and paste the following content in it:

Replace YOUR_API_KEY and YOUR_APP_IDwith your API KEY, APP ID as obtained from your CometChat dashboard.

Configure Firebase

  • Register a Firebase dashboard (you'll need to create an account)
  • Create a new Firebase app
  • Add a new web application into your Firebase project
  • Click on the settings menu, then go to the General tab
  • Copy the Firebase config variable into src/firebase.js and public/firebase-messaging-sw.js (look at the comments there)
  • Then in Firebase settings, go to the Cloud Messaging tab. Copy the server key here
  • Go back into CometChat PRO dashboard, into Push Notification extension and click on Actions -> Settings Paste the FCM server key here
  • For more detailed steps and screenshots, visit the documentation here
  • Finally, run npm start

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