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Create CometChat app with typing indicators
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React Chat App With Typing Indicator Using CometChat PRO

This sample app shows how to build a React chat application using CometChat Pro SDK that will show typing indicator when another user is typing a message


Typing indicator 1 Typing indicator 2

Jump straight into the code or read the accompanying step-by-step guide here on our blog.


This demo uses:

  • React
  • CometChat Pro JavaScript SDK
  • Typing animation in CSS by Jimmy Yoon

Running the demo locally

  • Download the repository here or run git clone
  • In the react-typing-indicators directory, run npm install
  • You need to sign up for CometChat PRO and create your application first
  • Create an ApiKey. You can use auth-only permission for this application
  • Create a Group from the dashboard
  • Create a .env file in the root folder of the project and paste the following content in it:

Replace YOUR_API_KEY, YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_GROUP_GUID with your API KEY, APP ID and GUID as obtained from your CometChat dashboard.

  • run npm start

Useful links

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