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The CometD Project

CometD NodeJS Client

This project implements adapter code that allows the CometD JavaScript Client to run in a NodeJS environment.

The adapter code exports an implementation of XMLHttpRequest so that the CometD JavaScript Client works in NodeJS as it does within a browser environment.

WebSocket is supported via the ws package.

NPM Installation

Firstly, you need to install the CometD NodeJS Client:

npm install cometd-nodejs-client

The CometD NodeJS Client does not depend on the CometD JavaScript Client; you need the CometD JavaScript Client to develop your applications.

Therefore, you need to install the CometD JavaScript Client, version 3.1.2 or greater:

npm install cometd

Usage (CommonJS)

// Run the adapter code that implements XMLHttpRequest.

// Your normal CometD client application here.
var lib = require('cometd');
var cometd = new lib.CometD();

Usage (ES Modules)

import { CometD } from 'cometd';
import { adapt } from 'cometd-nodejs-client';
// Shim XMLHTTPRequest for Node.js (required by CometD).

// Your normal CometD client application here.
const client = new CometD();

See here for an example CometD client application.