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This library has been deprecated by

But mattermost-redux is starting to support flowtype! Please consider to contribute types to the Mattermost codebase.

Mattermost type definitions

Flow type definition library for Mattermost

Compatible with Mattermost API and Mattermost Redux

This project will help you in your Mattermost projects:

  • Understanding Mattermost codebase.
  • Preventing building bad request or parsing response incorrectly.
  • Improves productivity with intelligence support.



yarn add --dev mattermost-typed
npx flow init # initialize flow if you've not.

Add a line under libs tag on your .flowconfig


Add the preset (if you use BabelJS)

yarn add --dev babel-preset-flow


preset: [
+  "flow"

How to use


npx flow [COMMAND] 

or add script into your package.json

scripts: {
+  "flow": "flow"

VSCode Extentions


You might wonder if this is really necessary.
Well, Here is why I came to think it is - Expect the type of Get Posts API.

I was building a Mattermost integration and I expected it would of course be an array of Post.
And I had to see the result of map is not a function because of the result of the Get Posts API that looks like:

  "order": [
  "posts": {
    "post1": {},
    "post2": {}
  • It was your fault. Mattermost have documentation for it.
  • Why did you not write test, evil.

You can think it is wrong not to check the documentation or write test code. But generally it could be skip when productivity is important like in prototyping. type checking is simple and a great solution to avoid mistakes.

  • PropTypes is not enough?

PropTypes is great sollution to assert types. But it's only for React component.