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frash's big red flash placeholder is too big and too flashy #10

cadefra opened this Issue · 7 comments

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the big read F logo is too visually disruptive. instead, it should blend more into the page. see ClickToFlash for a good example on how it should look:

grp commented

It's gone from the current comex version/fork/whatever-you-call-it because it's illegal to use that logo.


I am assuming you installed fresh with the .deb floating around the web, because this issue has already been taken care of, but the .deb file has not been updated to reflect the changes. The logo was copyrighted anyways.


Its gone from mine too.


In fact I never meant to push it, I meant to push a "g" owell; live and learn.


When I compile it now I get the gray background and the word "Flash" in a black font in the middle of the Flash area.


I love saurik


I doubt this is much more legal, but it was an idea:

Based off Grant Skinner's lego:

This issue was closed.
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