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#ifndef __DEBUG_H__
#define __DEBUG_H__
#include <gctypes.h>
#define GDBSTUB_DEVICE_USB 0 /*!< device type: USBGecko */
#define GDBSTUB_DEVICE_TCP 1 /*!< device type: BBA-TCP */
#define GDBSTUB_DEF_CHANNEL 0 /*!< default EXI channel. channel can be 0 or 1. Note: Used for device type USBGecko */
#define GDBSTUB_DEF_TCPPORT 2828 /*!< default TCP port. Note: Used for device type TCP */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
extern const char *tcp_localip;
extern const char *tcp_netmask;
extern const char *tcp_gateway;
/*!\fn void _break()
* \brief Stub function to insert the hardware break instruction. This function is used to enter the debug stub and to
* connect with the host. The developer is free to insert this function at any position in project's source code.
* \return none.
void _break();
/*!\fn void DEBUG_Init(s32 device_type,s32 channel_port)
* \brief Performs the initialization of the debug stub.
* \param[in] device_type type of device to use. can be either USB or TCP.
* \param[in] channel_port depending on the used device this can be either the EXI channel or the TCP port.
* \return none.
void DEBUG_Init(s32 device_type,s32 channel_port);
#ifdef __cplusplus