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the code behind the second incarnation of
C Python Objective-C Shell
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- Not documented at all.
- To compile:
1. Make sure you have MacPorts installed, and python26, plus fuse if you want to compile dsc.c (which isn't necessary).
2. Copy stuff into bs/, e.g.

where cache is /System/Library/Caches/[67], launchd is /sbin/launchd, and kern is the decrypted kernel.  Note that you can get 'kern' on platforms like the iPhone 4 where we don't have keys yet by using /dev/kmem and bs/, but there's a chance the kernel already overwrote __LINKEDIT with crap.

3. config/ iPhone2,1_4.0.1
4. make
5. fix the places where you need to copy headers from OS X and I fail at documentation, goto 4
6. look at cff/out.pdf
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