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#pragma once
#include "kinc.h"
struct frame {
struct frame *r7;
void *lr;
struct apply_args {
void **sp;
void *r0, *r1, *r2, *r3;
struct frame frame; // not actually part of the __builtin_apply_args() struct
struct apply_result {
void *r0, *r1, *r2, *r3;
#define HOOK_FORCE 1
#define HOOK_POLITE 4
struct hook_info {
uint32_t value;
uint32_t value2;
uint32_t jump;
uint32_t returnto;
uint32_t flags;
void *tag;
vm_address_t alloc;
vm_size_t alloc_size;
uint32_t *storeto;
void *hook(void *addr, void *replacement, int flags, void *tag);
void *unhook(void *stuff);
/*void hook_init();
void hook_fini();*/
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