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Fixed some filenames

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commit 9e5940fb2479f913cff4e96a5bbdc2fcb6f1afb1 1 parent abfc115
Gustavo Falco authored
0  Backup/Mysql/MysqlBackup.php → Backup/MySql/MySqlBackup.php
File renamed without changes
0  Restore/Mysql/MysqlRestore.php → Restore/MySql/MySqlRestore.php
File renamed without changes
0  Tests/Backup/Mysql/MysqlBackupTest.php → Tests/Backup/MySql/MySqlBackupTest.php
File renamed without changes
0  Tests/Restore/Mysql/MysqlRestoreTest.php → Tests/Restore/MySql/MySqlRestoreTest.php
File renamed without changes

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